Freshman Girls Win Tourney 2021

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The members of the Lady Kougar ‘C’ Team show-off their trophy after winning the KV Freshman Girls Basketball Tournament. Shown (l-r) are Ariana Phegley, Lily Jones, Sarah Biedron, Avarie Rondeau, Annalise Wakefield, Audrey Campbell and Olivia Plummer.

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Wheatfield – The Lady Kougars Freshman or ‘C’ Team won their own annual season-ending tournament held Saturday, Jan. 16 at Kankakee Valley High School. The four team tourney featured, in addition to KV, included teams from LaPorte, Lowell and Munster.

The opening round for the Lady Kougars was against Munster in a low-scoring affair. KV won by the narrow margin of 17 – 16, led by Audrey Campbell’s six points and Olivia Plummer’s four. Munster actually led at the half 10 – 6 but KV came back in the fourth outscoring them 6 – 2 to emerge victorious. LaPorte defeated Lowell to also advance to the Finals.

In the finals, held that afternoon, the young Kats easily defeated the Slicers, 32 – 17. KV was led by Plummer who netted half of the team’s points with 16 and Campbell, who hit for eight points. Annelise Wakefield notched four point and Ariana Phegley and Lily Jones contribute a basket apiece.

The ‘C’ team is coached by Merel Nelson.

At Wheatfield

Munster 04-06-04-02 = 16

Kankakee Valley 04-02-05-06 = 17


Lady Mustangs ‘C’ Team: Horris 0-0-0-0-0; Linzueta 0-0-0-0-0; Krieg 2-0-2-1-5; Kinde 0-0-0-0-0; Schmidt 4-0-0-0-8; Gideon 0-0-0-0-0; Oniah 1-0-1-1-3.

Lady Kougars ‘C’ Team: Annelise Wakefield1-0-0-0-2; Ariana Phegley 0-0-0-0-0; Avarie Rondeau 0-0-0-0-0; Olivia Plummer 1-0-2-2-4; Sarah Biedron 1-0-0-0-2; Lilly Jones 1-0-1-1-3; Audrey Campbell 1-0-4-4-6.

At Wheatfield

LaPorte 05-05-04-03 = 17

Kankakee Valley 09-07-03-13 = 32

Lady Slicers ‘C’ Team: Riley 2-0-0-0-4; Kaiver 1-0-0-0-2; Deckard 2-0-1-1-5; Buckley 1-0-0-0-2; Bush 0-0-0-0-0; Schreeg 0-1-1-1-4.

Lady Kougars ‘C’ Team: Annelise Wakefield2-0-0-0-4; Ariana Phegley 1-0-0-0-2; Avarie Rondeau 0-0-0-0-0; Olivia Plummer 5-1-3-3-16; Sarah Biedron 0-0-0-0-0; Lily Jones 1-0-0-0-2; Audrey Campbell 2-1-3-1-8.

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