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For years, Warren County has only had one County Park. That is about to change with the opening of another county park.

A new 30-acre wooded property will officially open to the public on Sunday, May 16th at 2:00 with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The new park will be named Fleming Woods County Park and is located at 4541 W. 3rd Street West Lebanon. Visitors will find 4 beautiful hiking trails through the dense forest. Each of the four trails has a sign marking its beginning with the distance in both meters and miles. The red trail is ¾ mile, the green trail is ½ mile, the yellow trail is just over ¼ mile and the purple trail is 1/10th of a mile. The trails are marked every 100-150 paces with blazes and the left and right side of the trails are lined with logs and limbs to clearly mark the trail. This woods is loaded with wildflowers. On a one hour walk along the trail, 27 different plants were identified. Later this summer a sign with 24 wildflowers will help hikers identify the plants they see on their visit. In the fall, 18 different trees were identified in the woods. Students in the young explorers group in the MSD Warren County school district wrote reports about these trees. That information will become tree identification signage on the ¾ mile trail. The Seeger High School AP Literature class has also been working on a Literary walk which will be added to the ½ mile trail.

There is a 24’ x 32’ pavilion which will be perfect for a family picnic. The tables won’t be there yet at the opening but will be by later this summer. There is also a primitive outhouse. There are 4 footbridges throughout the property. The telephone poles for the base of the bridges and the wood for the tops of the bridges were maneuvered through the woods by an Amish work horse. This insured that the beautiful property was not damaged by machinery cutting up the land.

The Warren County Community Foundation has been working on this project as part of the Large Scale Community Leadership grant that was announced in December 2020. At completion, $30,000 will be spent at the property to create a great visitor experience.

The trails and bridges are ready so it is time for the property to open. Additions will be made throughout the summer including some benches along the trails, the tree identification signage, literary walk, and entry signage. Visitors are encouraged to come to Fleming Woods County Park on May 16th at 2:00.

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