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Iroquois County residents cast their votes for a number of local races April 6.

There will be some new faces while several incumbents retained their seats around the county. Votes were tabulated Tuesday night and are unofficial for 14 days until any vote by mail votes are received and results are certified.

In Watseka, John Allhands won against two opponents and will serve a second term as mayor. Allhands received 482 votes, Mark Garfield received 355 votes and William Nutter received 221 votes.

Amanda Hibbs was the lone clerk candidate, and will retain that seat, having received 929 votes. Marcia Craft is new to the Watseka treasurer’s seat and was the only candidate. She received 934 votes. Ward 1 alderman Brandon Barragree ran unopposed and received 173 votes to retain his seat. In Ward 2, alderman Dennis Cahoe also ran unopposed and received 144 votes to retain his seat.

In Ward 3, newcomer Jenny Musk received 108 votes. David Mayotte, who had been alderman but had resigned when he moved from the ward and could not serve, was still on the ballot and received 70 votes. Michael Yates, had been appointed by Allhands to fill Mayotte’s seat, was a write-in candidate and received 96 votes. There were three other write-in votes.

In Ward 4, incumbent alderwoman Mary Monna Ulfers received 308 votes to retain her seat. Opponent Terika Weiner received 80 votes.

In Gilman, Rick Theesfeld received 264 votes for mayor. Write in candidate Robert Kramer received 14 votes. There were two other write in votes.

Wendy M. Kraft received 267 votes for Gilman clerk. She ran unopposed. Gilman Ward 1 candidate Michael L McGehee also ran unopposed. He received 114 votes. Ward 2 candidate Steven B. Fancher ran unopposed and received 47 votes. Gilman Ward 2 two-year term candidate Darrel Bachman was also unopposed and received 46 votes. Gilman Ward 3 candidate John T. Elliott was also unopposed and received 113 votes.

For Ashkum president, Paul G. Heideman received 151 votes and Ryan D. Meister received 41 votes.

For Ashkum clerk, Donna K. Schmitz was unopposed and received 172 votes.

For Ashkum trustee (vote for 3), votes were: Russell L. Hull, 96, Shannon Meier, 152, Angie Gray, 122, and Ellen Mikeworth, 120.

For Beaverville president, Kathleen Hoover received 14 votes and Maggie Duby received 38 votes.

For Beaverville clerk, Teri Boudreau was unopposed and received 52 votes.

For Beaverville trustee (vote for 3), votes were: Dave Martell, 47, Jamie Taylor, 36, and Patrick Cavanaugh, 43.

For Buckley president, Evan Scott Shockley received 63 votes. Sheree Stachura received 43 votes and Ardell Getting received 41 votes.

J.C. Biggs was unopposed for the Buckley clerk position and received 135 votes.

For Buckley trustee (vote for 3), votes were: Keith Hartke, 75, Peggy A. Shockley, 68, Patricia S. Killion, 106, and Becky Weisenbarn, 94.

For Chebanse president, Jason J. Mathy was unopposed and received 77 votes.

For Chebanse trustee (vote for 3), votes were: Jennifer L. Odle, 66, Darrin Kohler, 71, Philip J. Snyder, 62.

For Cissna Park president, Chad Verkler was unopposed and received 191 votes.

For Cissna Park clerk, Valerie Dannehl was unopposed and received 186 votes.

For Cissna Park trustee (vote for 3), votes were: Kody Egolf, 169, Kyle Rust, 183, and Chad Geiken, 164.

For Clifton president, Randall Gigl was unopposed and received 220 votes.

For Clifton clerk, Lesa Wilken received 121 votes and Taylor Panozzo received 106 votes.

For Clifton trustee (vote for 3), votes were: Paul Hess, 177, Kari Thompson, 204 and Timothy Kent, 194.

For Clifton trustee, two-year term, Krystle Sifrit was unopposed and received 210 votes.

In Crescent City, Mark Rabe was unopposed for president and received 68 votes.

For Crescent City clerk, Catherine Christensin was unopposed and received 66 votes.

For Crescent City trustee (vote for 3), votes were: Joseph Belott, 57, Kim Rabe, 59, Steve Carley, 64.

For Danforth president, Larry L. Decker was unopposed and received 59 votes. For Danforth trustee, Greg Schroeder was unopposed and received 60 votes. For Danforth, two-year term (vote for 3)., votes were Wayne Dieken, 59 and William Oster, 56.

For Donovan president, Ken L. Ward was unopposed and received 23 votes. For Donovan clerk, Holly Ward-Collins was unopposed and received 23 votes.

For Donovan trustee (vote for 3), votes were: Adam Whitson, 23, Lorin DePatis, 19, Megan Parks-Webster, 19.

For Iroquois president, George Runkle was unopposed and received 25 votes. Edward Armold was unopposed for Iroquois clerk and received 25 votes. Jacqueline S. Scurlock was unopposed and received 24 votes.

For Iroquois trustee (vote for 3), votes were: Randy Luecke, 21, John Uildriks, 19, Jerome C. Cotter Jr., 23.

For Loda president, Carol Arseneau received 32 votes. Ronald Dudley, write-in, received 28 votes. There were two other write-in votes.

Regina Ptacek was unopposed for Loda clerk and received 46 votes.

For Loda trustee (vote for 3), votes were: David Arseneau, 33, Donald Ptacek Jr., 38, Cathy Tittle, 36, and Teresa Reck, 48.

For Martinton president, two-year term, John Dutour was unopposed and received 86 votes.

For Martinton trustee (vote for 3), votes were: DeWana Brault, 54, Cory Butler, 79, Chad Nesselrodt, 70.

For Martinton trustee, two-year term, Garry Henneike was unopposed and received 86 votes.

For Milford president, Kevin Woodby was unopposed and received 107 votes.

For Milford trustee (vote for 3), vote were: Fred L. Hines Jr., 94, Ernest McKay, 80, Cory Birch, 97.

For Onarga president, Shane Cultra received 125 votes and Sarah Barnett received 94 votes.

Stephanie VonDrehle was unopposed for Onarga clerk and received 187 votes.

For Onarga trustee (vote for 3), votes were: Holly Zirkle, 165, Cole Rabe, 171, Donald Walraven, 162.

For Papineau president, Michael Johnson was unopposed and received 12 votes. For Papineau clerk Stacy Charbonneau was unopposed and received 14 votes. For Papineau trustee (vote for 3), vote were: Dale Emerson, 11, Jay Salm, 12, Robert Jackson, 13.

For Sheldon president, William Milan was a write in candidate and received 37 votes. Other write-in votes totaled 17.

For Sheldon clerk, Fawn Taylor was unopposed and received 110 votes.

For Sheldon trustee (vote for 3), vote were: Scott DeMarse, 72, Nicole Harris, 79, William Taylor, 72, Barbara Laffoon, 86.

For Sheldon trustee, two-year term, Leslie Banning was unopposed and received 107 votes.

For Thawville president, Brenna Hildenbrand was unopposed and received 29 votes. For Thawville clerk, Casandra Jacobs was unopposed and received 27 votes. For Thawville trustee (vote for 3), vote were Rebecca Gerdes, 16, Robert Lange, 29, Shawn Fuoss, 31, Rachel Zick, 27.

For Wellington trustee (vote for 3), Tyson Shreeves was unopposed and received 30 votes.

For Wellington trustee, two-year term, Samuel Vires was unopposed and received 26 votes.

For Woodland president, Ricky L. Grosvenor Sr., received 57 votes and Jamie McGahan received 27 votes.

For Woodland clerk, Lori Dodson was unopposed and received 73 votes. For Woodland trustee (vote for 3), votes were: Kathy Edwards, 41, Stella R. Cyr, 71.

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