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6:00 p.m. June 8, 2021

Regular Meeting

All board members present.

Mark Rusk called the regular meeting to order and asked for a motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting; Mike Booe made a motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting and Troy Finley 2nd with unanimous approval.

Mr. Rusk asked for a motion to approve bills as presented; Troy Finley made a motion to approve the bills as presented, Ken Smith 2nd with unanimous approval.

The Fund Report, Appropriation Report, Payroll Check Register and Claims docket were emailed to the council prior to the meeting. These documents have been reviewed and approved by the board.

Jesse Scott – Town Manager

Distributed Town Manager Report


• State St. 8” water main extension – waiting on Vectren.

• Well service complete.

• Exterior tower cleaning complete today.

• Hydrant Flushing to take place beginning June 14th – Complete.

• Drive & SW removed graded and formed for replacement at 210 N Newlin St.

• Freemason sheet signs installed E & W end.

• Signs installed on State St.


• Kubota at Grubb for repair.


• Conduit 95% installed for Prime Cuts 41.

• Service installed at 505 Indiana Ave & 211 N Walnut.

• Actively working on Service for Dollar General.

• Transformer replaced on N end of College St.

• Ordered 6 — 40’ poles.

Pool, Park, Trail, Depot

• Vents installed on Bath house.

• All trail locks checked and keys given to police and fire.

• Lock repaired on park storage shed.

Mr. Scott said millings are being placed in alleys around town; and notified council that Walnut St. paving is complete and the next round of Community Crossing grants will be opening soon with which he provided a list of streets that need paving.

Mr. Scott also said HWC Engineering can do the necessary road inventory and PAMP update if the council would like them to.

Mr. Scott said Kubota repair will be under $2000.00.

Council asked Mr. Scott when patching will be done at 9th & College – it’s on Hesler’s to-do list; Discission had about what other streets need paved. Streets mentioned: College St., Indiana Ave., 8th St. to Sterling Ave., Meridian Ave., N. Mill St., west-bound State St.; David Leek requested to widen a couple feet on the corners of Kennedy Dr.; Mr. Scott said they had put millings on Southeast corner; Mr. Rusk asked that they put more millings down to build up corners.

Mr. Rusk said a resident contacted him about sewer lines; Mr. Scott has looked at the lines and talked to this resident – the lines are the resident’s responsibility to maintain.

Mark Rusk said they would like to purchase a town truck – Kristin Allen is working on ways this can be funded.

Doug Wilson was in attendance on behalf of the Masonic Lodge to execute the License Agreement for signage to be put up in town for the Masonic Lodge. Mr. Scott had placed white flags for signs on both ends of town; Mr. Rusk and Mr. Wilson signed the License Agreement to allow for signage to be installed.

Mr. Wilson also mentioned that there is an issue with people speeding near Hub Park and would like more police presence in that area; council recommended he get license plate numbers as well.

Mike Booe would like two (2) more speed limit signs on State St., one (1) East bound and one (1) West bound; and would also like spinners attached to these signs.

Mr. Rusk mentioned the option of getting the portable speed signs, which can be rented.

David Leek – resident

Said there are speeders on Harrison St. and a nearby resident told him they would take matters into their owns hands if it continues happening.

Mr. Rusk and Ken Smith will have police watch for speeders in all the areas mentioned.

Suggested delivering flyers to town employees to hand out to those who violate the ordinance regarding trash toters – Council asked Mrs. Allen to check on door hanger forms for police to deliver to these violators.

Ken Smith said he was contacted about a tank that has become available to the town for free to be placed by War Museum – costs would be for delivery and concrete pad for it to be set on. Jerry Goings of the American Legion has spoken to a delivery company and was quoted $15,000.00; Mr. Smith said they could request Veedersburg Redevelopment Commission pay for the delivery charges; he will call the VRC attorney to find out if this is an allowable expense.

J.J. Payton – Park Program leader

Notified the council that the park program will run for six (6) weeks, June 1, 2021 to July 9, 2021, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Sign-up forms will be available at the library and utility office; and Mr. Scott will be sure trash is picked up daily.

Charlotte Tucker – resident

Notified council that the grass at 400 Dewey St. is up to the mailbox, trash is everywhere, people are in and out and there are animals; Mr. Scott said an ordinance violation was served on 5/19/21. If no action taken, council agreed the town will clean-up and bill the owners for the clean-up.

Further, should there be other national or state directives released, the Town will follow the directives contained in the governmental documents.

Town Council signed Resolution 2021-01 and Ordinance 2021-01.

Town Council signed the approved minutes of the previous meeting and signed the Docket.

Meeting Adjourned.

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