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To be honest, I had a hard time picking a winner for this game.

I actually flipped a penny. I'm not going to reveal the results of that flip, or the penny flip I used to pick the Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley/Sterling Newman Central Catholic, because I didn't end up using the flips to pick the two games.

While a coin flip is the fairest system to pick between two sides, it has no ability to make a full analysis before making a decision.

Very little separated the teams from each other. They both have 8-2 records and faced five teams in the regular season. Even though the two schools are more than 100 miles apart, they have a similar opponent, as Seneca lost 28-14 to Farmington in the first round last Friday after losing 22-18 to PBL in week four.

Farmington has a slight edge in opponents' wins with 43, compared to 41. The Farmers had an average point differential of 24.9 while PBL had an average point differential of 20.2.

I have seen PBL compete with two teams in the top five teams in Class 2A, Clifton Central and GCMS, in its lone two losses. Farmington's two losses, meanwhile, are to a 1A team and a 2A team in Kewanee Annawan-Wethersfield and Knoxville, respectively, both of which are 9-0.

OK, I can't make a decision. Let's get that coin again.

On second thought, I don't want to shave my beard yet, especially in the weather we've had lately.

Projected score: PBL 28, Farmington 21