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The PBL Panthers defeated the Cissna Park Timberwolves in their first home game of the season. The final score was 39-30.

It was Cissna Park’s ball to start the game. At 6:51 on the clock, the Timberwolves got themselves on the board first with a layup from Malakai Verkler but was answered with a shot from PBL’s Keegan Busboom to tie it up 2-2. A three-pointer from CP’s Ian Rogers put the T-wolves back on top at 5:33 in the first quarter with another layup from Verkler extending their lead 7-2. The Panthers were able to put up another two-points on a made shot by senior Jarred Gronsky which was met with another two-points from Rogers, allowing PBL to keep the Panthers at bay 9-4. But, the Panthers managed to pick up another two points after a pass that was meant for Brandon Knight was bobbled and found the bottom of the rim to put the score at 9-6 with just over a minute left in the first quarter. But, the Panthers were able to make it a one-point game moving into quarter two when a successful shot at the 30-second mark from Knight made the score 9-8.

The Timberwolves once again saw the board to start things off in the second quarter with a successful shot from under the rim by Cissna Park’s Tanner Garrison. PBL junior Mason Bruns was able to pick up another two-points for the Panthers with a shot under the rim of his own to keep it a one-point game, 11-10 with 5:36 left in the half. CP’s Verkler managed to make another basket before PBL senior Brett Giese put up two successful shots of his own, giving PBL the lead 14-13 before time-out was called for Cissna Park with 4:55 left in the half. When play resumed, Rogers managed to nail his second three-pointer of the evening, which was answered with a shot from PBL’s Gavin Coplea to tie up the game at 16-16. Successful shots from Verkler and Garrison gave Cissna Park a four-point lead over PBL moving into half time with a score of 20-16.

A slow third quarter allowed for Cissna Park to keep a two-point lead, 21-19 over PBL to move into the final quarter of play.

In the final quarter of play, the Panthers managed to ultimately overtake the Timberwolves putting up 20 points on the board to CP’s nine.

Gronsky and Giese led at the rim for PBL, putting up eight points apiece while Bruns followed closely behind with seven of his own. Coplea and Busboom each managed to contribute four points apiece as well.

On the Cissna Park side, Malakai Verkler had the game-high with 13 total points to end his night. Rogers followed with six points earned from three-pointers while Garrison also finished his evening with six points.

The PBL Panthers will look to head to Momence High School on Friday, Feb. 12 to take on the Redskins while Cissna Park will look to host the Clifton Central Comets, also on Feb. 12.

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