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PAXTON — The Paxton-Buckley-Loda Panthers boys’ basketball team dominated Friday night when they took on the Momence Redskins at home, winning 65-37.

The Panthers won the tip-off and were able to turn their possession into a layup to put themselves on the board to start the game. The Panthers then put up four more points before the six-minute mark with layups from seniors Trey VanWinkle and Dalton Busboom, respectively, to make the score 8-0.

Van Winkle scored yet again on a layup at around the 5:30 marker. Finally, the Redskins got themselves on the board with a three-pointer to make the score 10-3.

With 5:05 on the clock, PBL’s Colton Coy was fouled and sent to the line to make both of his free throws. The Panthers recovered the ball and put up another two points with a layup from Drake Schrodt. This time, the layup was answered with a layup from Momence to make the score 14-5 with about 4:40 left in the quarter.

Another layup from Busboom gave the Redskins the ball and resulted in a successful shot attempt from Momence’s McShun Walls, making the score 16-7. With 3:44 left on the clock, VanWinkle drew a foul and made one of his two free throws to put the Panthers back in a 10-point lead over the Redskins. From there, the Panthers were able to rack up another 10 points while holding the Redskins to just 2 to end the quarter up 27-9.

The second quarter went scoreless on both sides for about a minute and a half until the Panthers’ Schrodt managed to put up a two-point shot from the baseline to extend the lead to 29-9. Two three-pointers in a row from Momence made up for some lost ground, making the score 29-15 with about 5:20 left in the half. However, the Panthers grabbed another eight points before the half closed and held off the Redskins 37-21 to move into halftime.

In the third quarter, the Redskins found themselves putting up two points on the board first with a layup from Alex Babcock, but PBL quickly made those points back and then some with three back-to-back layups from Schrodt, VanWinkle and Busboom to give the Panthers an even greater advantage, 45-23, with just under six minutes remaining in the quarter. The Panthers’ offense continued to dominate, scoring another 16 points before the quarter’s end and triggering the continuous clock to move into the final quarter of play up 61-26.

Though the Panthers only grabbed another four points to Momence’s nine before the game ended, the massive lead held by the Panthers proved to be too great for the Redskins, and PBL clinched the victory with a final score of 65-37.

“We came out good in the first quarter, but in that second quarter we let them hang around a little bit,” said varsity head coach Adam Schonauer. “We finally settled down there in the second half of the game and didn’t play so fast and chaotic, and we were able to extend out lead out and play more comfortably.”

Schonauer noted a few key players who he thinks helped earn the Panthers their strong victory over the Redskins.

“Trey VanWinkle has had a really good season and had a good game tonight, as well,” Schonauer said. “Colton Coy put up some points tonight, and he has been pretty consistent scoring for us; and then finally, Dalton Busboom was a little more active on the offensive end that I think he is capable of giving us night in and night out.”

Leading the Panthers in scoring was Coy with 17 points, followed by 16 from VanWinkle. Also contributing was Schrodt, who picked up 12 points of his own.

On Jan. 11, the Panthers easily defeated Shelbyville at home by a score of 53-37. VanWinkle led with 17 points, while Coy had 12.

The Panthers take on St. Joseph-Ogden on the road on Jan. 14.