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PLANO -- The Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley/Fisher High School wrestling team finished second in the Reaper Classic on Saturday.

The Falcons scored a 163 while Elmhurst IC Catholic finished first in the 19-team meet with a score of 180.

Payton Kean won the title at 195 pounds. After pinning Wheaton Academy's Jared Samuelson in a time of 1:03 in the quarterfinals and winning via 5-2 decision over Peotone's Logan Hartnett in the semifinals, Payton Kean won via 6-4 decision in the championship match over Sandwich's Sammy Dale.

Cole Maxey also won a first-place medal at 132 pounds via a 3-1 decision over Sandwich's Braulio Flores in the championship match. Maxey won via 17-2 technical fall over East Aurora's Malik Strawder in the quarterfinals and defeated Plano's Gio Diaz via 15-0 technical fall in the semifinals.

Andrew Ferguson finished second at 120 pounds. He pinned Chicago Kelly's Kevin James in 33 seconds in the quarterfinals and won via 2:34 pinfall in the semifinals over Chicago Phoenix Miltary Academy's Omar Ramirez before Yorkville Christian's Jackson Gillen pinned Ferguson in a time of 1:43 in the title match.

At 126 pounds, Cale Horsch won via 7-6 decision over Sandwich's Evan Reilly in the third-place match.

Horsch pinned Aurora Central Catholic's Ethan Waters in a time of 42 seconds in the quarterfinals. After losing via 10-6 decision in the semifinals to IC Catholic's Nicholas Renteria, Horsch won via 2:18 pinfall over East Aurora's Branden Madera in the consolation semifinals.

Kaden Gream pinned Chicago Kelly's Javonte Garner in a time of 3:34 in the 145-pound third-place match.

After pinning Garner in a time of 3:52 in the quarterfinals, Gream lost via 11-5 decision to Genoa-Kingston's Jesse Torres in the semifinals before winning via 13-second pinfall over Princeton's Braden Boyles in the consolation semifinals.

Michaela Dykes finished fourth in the 106-pound class. She pinned Chicago Kelly's Phillip Alicea in a time of 3:35 in the quarterfinals before losing via 3:37 pinfall to Wheaton Academy's Taggart Kazmierczak in the semifinals.

After Dykes won via 31-second pinfall over Amboy's Levi Near in the consolation semifinals, Dykes lost via 19-4 technical fall in the third-place match to Yorkville Christian's Isaac Bourge.

Braylen Kean won the 170-pound fifth-place match via 14-6 major decision over Wheaton Academy's Hunter Kazmierczak.

Braylen Kean pinned Kazmierczak in a time of 2:40 in the first round before losing via 8-5 decision to Rockford Lutheran's Tag Haberdanx in the quarterfinals. In wrestlebacks, Kean pinned Plano's Andrew Harrelson in a time of 1:20 and won via 5:12 pinfall over IC Catholic's Joe Marzano before losing via 9-3 decision to Sandwich's Jackson Murphy.

At 182 pounds, Calen Ragle placed sixth after winning via 5:24 pinfall over Phoenix's Jimmy Lua in the first round before losing in the quarterfinals via 3:54 pinfall to Genoa-Kingston's Tristan Mangum. In wrestlebacks, Ragle won via 1:48 pinfall over IC Catholic's Evan Gibbons and via 9-4 decision over Yorkville Christian's Julian Navarro before losing via injury default to East Aurora's Orlando Garcia and via forfeit in the fifth-place match to Rockford Lutheran's Dorian Whitmore.

At 152 pounds, Ethan Duke won via 5-3 sudden victory over Yorkville Christian's Christopher Durbin in the first round before losing via five-minute pinfall in the quarterfinals to Wheaton Academy's Zach Walraven. In wrestlebacks, Duke pinned Aurora Central Catholic's Chris Cartwright in a time of 5:51 and won via 5-2 decision over Winnebago's Joe Rice before losing via 2:43 pinfall to Phoenix's Jesus Lua and via 2:41 pinfall to Wheaton Academy's Zach Walraven.

At 138 pounds, Kellen DeSchepper won via 1:14 pinfall over Yorkville Christian's Saniya Berry in the first round before losing via 51-second pinfall to Winnebago's Hayden Faworski in the quarterfinals. In wrestlebacks, DeSchepper pinned East Aurora's Gustavo Guillen in a time of 2:15 and Princeton's Carson Etheridge in a time of 2:50 before losing via 19-4 technical fall over Sandwich's Aidan Linden and via 19-3 technical fall to Peotone's Marco Spinozzola in the fifth-place match.

At 285 pounds, Markus Miguel pinned RPRS's Don Woodson in a time of 2:42 in the first round before losing via 1:48 pinfall to IC Catholic's Isaiah Gonzalez in the quarterfinals and via 45-second pinfall to Princeton's Cole Reynolds in wrestlebacks.

At 160 pounds, Tim Booth lost via 4-3 decision to Richton Park Rich South's Trayvon Wilson before losing via 5:23 pinfall to East Aurora's Sebastian Silas in wrestlebacks.

At 220 pounds, Jody Reynolds lost via 1:54 pinfall to East Aurora's David Sanchez and via 2:40 pinfall to Wheaton Academy's Peter Johanik.


At Plano

Team scores

1. Elmhurst IC Catholic, 180; 2. Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley, 163; 3. Sandwich, 140; 4. East Aurora, 123; 5. Genoa-Kingston, 118; 6. Princeton, 96.5; 7. Peotone, 95; 8. Winnebago, 93; 9. Yorkville Christian, 83; 10. Wheaton Academy, 78; 11. Somonauk, 73.5; 12. Chicago Kelly, 61; 13. Chicago Phoenix Military Academy, 59; 14. Rockford Lutheran, 56; 15. Plano, 36; 16. Amboy, 10; 17. Aurora Central Catholic, 6; 17. Richton Park Rich South, 6; 19. Chicago Wendell Phillips Academy, 0.

GCMS/Fisher individual results

106 pounds

Quarterfinals -- Michaela Dykes (GCMSF) pinned Phillip Alicea (CKHS), 3:35.

Semifinals -- Taggart Kazmierczak (WAHS) pinned Dykes (GCMSF), 3:37.

Consolation semifinals -- Dykes (GCMSF) pinned Levi Near (AMBO), :31.

Third-place match -- Isaac Bourge (YCHS) tech. fall Dykes (GCMSF), 19-4 (4:45).

120 pounds

Quarterfinals -- Andrew Ferguson (GCMSF) pinned Kevin Jaimes (CKHS), :33.

Semifinals -- Ferguson (GCMSF) pinned Omar Ramirez (CPMA), 3:38.

Championship -- Jackson Gillen (YCHS) pinned Ferguson (GCMSF), 1:43.

126 pounds

Quarterfinals -- Cale Horsch (GCMSF) pinned ethan Waters (ACC), :42.

Semifinals -- Nicholas Renteria (SOMO) dec. Horsch (GCMSF), 10-6.

Consolation semifinals -- Horsch (GCMSF) pinned Branden Madera (EAUR), 2:18.

Third-place match -- Horsch (GCMSF) dec. Evan Reilly (SAND), 7-6.

132 pounds

Quarterfinals -- Cole Maxey (GCMSF) tech. fall Malik Strawder (EAUR), 17-2 (4:26).

Semifinals -- Maxey (GCMSF) tech. fall Gio Diaz (PLANO), 15-0 (5:06).

Championship -- Maxey (GCMSF) dec. Braulio Flores (SAND), 3-1.

138 pounds

First round -- Kellen DeSchepper (GCMSF) pinned Saniya Berry (YCHS), 1:14.

Quarterfinals -- Hayden Faworski (WINN) pinned DeSchepper (GCMSF), :51.

Consolation first round -- DeSchepper (GCMSF) pinned Gustavo Guillen (EAUR), 2:15.

Consolation quarterfinals -- DeSchepper (GCMSF) pinned Carson Etheridge (PRIN), 2:50.

Consolation semifinals -- Aidan Linden (SAND) tech. fall DeSchepper (GCMSF), 19-4 (2:00).

Fifth-place match -- Marco Spinozzola (PEOT) tech. fall DeSchepper (GCMSF), 19-3 (4:17).

145 pounds

Quarterfinals -- Kaden Gream (GCMSF) pinned Javonte Garner (CKHS), 3:52.

Semifinals -- Jesse Torres (GK) dec. Gream (GCMSF), 11-5.

Consolation semifinals -- Gream (GCMSF) pinned Braden Boyles (PRIN), :13.

Third-place match -- Gream (GCMSF) pinned Garner (CKHS), 3:34.

152 pounds

First round -- Ethan Duke (GCMSF) dec. Christopher Durbin (YCHS), 5-3.

Quarterfinals -- Zach Walraven (WAHS) pinned Duke (GCMSF), 5:00.

Consolation second round -- Duke (GCMSF) pinned Chris Cartwright (ACC), 5:51.

Consolation quarterfinals -- Duke (GCMSF) dec. Joe Rice (WINN), 5-2.

Consolation semifinals -- Jesus Lua (CPMA) pinned Duke (GCMSF), 2:43.

Fifth-place match -- Zach Walraven (WAHS) pinned Duke (GCMSF), 2:41.

160 pounds

First round -- Trayvon Wilson (RICH) dec. Tim Booth (GCMSF), 4-3.

Consolation first round -- Sebastian Silas (EAUR) pinned Booth (GCMSF), 5:23.

170 pounds

First round -- Braylen Kean (GCMSF) pinned Hunter Kazmierczak (WAHS), 2:40.

Quarterfinals -- Tag Haberdanx (RLUT) dec. Kean (GCMSF), 8-5.

Consolation second round -- Kean (GCMSF) pinned Andrew Harrelson (PLANO), 1:20.

Consolation quarterfinals -- Kean (GCMSF) pinned Joe Marzano (ICC), 5:12.

Consolation semifinals -- Jackson Murphy (SAND) dec. Kean (GCMSF), 9-3.

Fifth-place match -- Kean (GCMSF) maj. dec. Kazmierczak (WAHS), 14-6.

182 pounds

First round -- Calen Ragle (GCMSF) pinned Jimmy Lua (CPMA), 5:24.

Quarterfinals -- Tristan Mangum (GK) pinned Ragle (GCMSF), 3:54.

Consolation second round -- Ragle (GCMSF) pinned Evan Gibbons (ICC), 1:48.

Consolation quarterfinals -- Ragle (GCMSF) dec. Julian Navarro (YCHS), 9-4.

Consolation semifinals -- Orlando Garcia (EAUR) def. Ragle (GCMSF), inj. 5:44.

Fifth-place match -- Dorian Whitmore (RLUT) def. Ragle (GCMSF), forfeit.

195 pounds

Quarterfinals -- Payton Kean (GCMSF) pinned Jared Samuelson (WAHS), 1:03.

Semifinals -- Kean (GCMSF) dec. Logan Hartnett (PEOT), 5-2.

Championship -- Kean (GCMSF) dec. Sammy Dale (SAND), 6-4.

220 pounds

First round -- David Sanchez (EAUR) pinned Jody Reynolds (GCMSF), 1:54.

Consolation first round -- Peter Johanik (WAHS) pinned Reynolds (GCMSF), 2:40.

285 pounds

First round -- Markus Miguel (GCMSF) pinned Don Woodson (RICH), 2:42.

Quarterfinals -- Isaiah Gonzalez (ICC) pinned Miguel (GCMSF), 1:48.

Consolation second round -- Cole Reynolds (PRIN) pinned Miguel (GCMSF), :45.