Board needs more answere

The Saint Joseph's College Board of Trustees want more answers before it will vote on a proposal to rejuvenate the college.

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RENSSELAER — At least for now, the Saint Joseph’s College Board of Trustees rejected  alumni member Mark Zwartynski’s proposal to breath life back into the entire campus, particularly the college’s dormant buildings.

The board decided not to bring the proposal to a vote because it lacked “specificity.”

In a letter to Zwartynski of the Mark Andrew Group in Texas on Wednesday, SJC officials were concerned that the proposal had to be approved “in its entirety,” and as such, “the Board was unable to bring this to a vote.”

“The Board recognizes and appreciates your personal investment in both time and effort towards this cause,” the letter goes on to say. “We also acknowledge the support letters from the community about your interest in developing something in Rensselaer.”

The decision on whether to bring the proposal to a vote centered around Zwartynski’s response to five questions from the board. Zwartynski reportedly provided answers to two of those questions.

Among the concerns the board presented to Zwartynski, who is working in concert with former Puma and classmate Bill Hogan to infuse life into the campus, include no proof of ability to produce the financing or contacts mentioned by Zwartynski and that his ideas lacked the specificity necessary for the college to adopt and pursue.

The trustees left the door open for Zwartynski to continue his quest if he can develop a more detailed plan that addresses the board’s concerns.

“If you wish, please identify a specific concept or two out of your proposal that you believe is worth further consideration,” the trustees said. “Please include what these ideas will cost, what you need from the College, who pays for them and what the income stream or return-on-investments looks like.”

SJC officials plan to stay the course for the time being. They are slowly bringing academic programing back to the campus, including certificate programs. The college has also laid a foundation to bring associate degree programs to the campus through partnerships with other schools.

“The SJC staff and Board continue to listen and

consider ideas for rebuilding Saint Joe’s, many of which have come from our community and alumni,” college officials added. “While we welcome the help, please understand that any next steps we take must fulfill a need and work within our current capabilities, with a critical focus on financial sustainability.”

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