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Indiana State Police, by order of Gov. Eric Holcomb, have begun equipping its troopers with body-worn cameras. Now, Purdue University’s police will do the same.

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WEST LAFAYETTE — The Purdue University Police Department will soon add a body-worn surveillance camera system for all of its officers on the West Lafayette campus.

PUPD Chief John Cox said he has been eager to add this technological tool to enhance the department’s capabilities.

The Purdue University Police Department holds international accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), which requires nearly 200 written general orders to guide each officer.

Cox said new general orders are ready to be implemented for the use of the new body-worn camera system.

“Body-worn camera systems have become standard equipment for police departments across the United States, among other colleges and our Big Ten peers,” he said. “This is a tool that will serve us well in our community policing, add transparency to interactions and provide information complementary to the written police reports for criminal and civil investigations.”

Purdue has had in-vehicle cameras for 20 years, Cox said. The new body-worn camera system will include data storage and be connected with updated in-car cameras.

Many times, PUPD works side by side with the West Lafayette Police Department, which has a similar system. Cox said the body-worn cameras will begin recording during each enforcement interaction, similar to the department’s in-car cameras, which automatically turn on any time the lights and sirens are activated.

Purdue officials expect the equipment to be delivered during the fall semester, then be installed, tested and fully implemented before the start of the 20211 spring semester.

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