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Recent political cartoons in the Ford County Record seem only to bash President Trump.

Apparently the author mocking Trump on budget caps flunked civics and does not know that Congress controls federal spending.

Look at the wall. Trump wants funding, but Democrats and some Republicans say “no, it’s better to have drugs, illegal votes and chaos coming across our border to make our president look bad.”

Several years ago a young man was killed in Buckley by an illegal alien in a traffic wreck. Justice was never served, as he fled to Mexico. These events happen all the time. A good wall would prevent most of this nonsense.

Recently, there was a wall cartoon between the White House and the Kremlin, all derived from the fake dossier paid for by Democrat operatives. Russian collusion? That was crooked Hillary and her uranium deal with the Russians while serving as secretary of state. They even forked over $150 million to the Clinton Foundation. Remember Obama and the open mic? He said “I’ll have more flexibility after the (2012) election” in dealing with the Russians. Then, Obama’s fake Iran nuke deal. We gave them more than $100 billion in cash and gold while they shouted “Death to America!” So Trump’s the bad guy?

This new crop of Democratic presidential hopefuls is a train wreck. Sanders the socialist ... look at Venezuela. O’Rourke the ex-burglar and DUI guy suggests the Constitution is outdated. Booker “Spartacus” rescuing slaves from oppression. Warren the fake Indian is getting free perks, and Kooky Cortez wants to outlaw fuel in fewer than 12 years. Get a horse.

With Easter nearing, I think of the evil Barabbas being released at a phony trial by a frenzied mob while the killing of innocent Jesus is embraced with glee. People haven’t changed much in 2,000 years. The fools investigating President Trump had it all backward. They should serve hard labor at Fort Leavenworth. While Trump is no saint, he loves America, fights for the unborn and defends our Constitution. For that, I am grateful.