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I just ran across Jolen Minetz’s letter that was published a few years ago regarding the future of PBL Eastlawn School in Paxton. Plans to demolish the historic building may already be said and done, but I couldn’t agree with her more.

Paxton has lost too many architectural and historic treasures. With each loss, a vital piece of Paxton — her history, pride and memory — dies.

I fondly remember Eastlawn — the operettas on stage, playing murderball in the gym, the dances, the chili suppers held to support local causes. And how can we forget those fun Halloween carnivals?

Yes, demolishing the school is certainly fiscal irresponsibility, and the “case” was eloquently presented and swallowed hook-line and sinker. Sad.

But Paxton still has a rare chance to save the last remaining original schoolhouse she had been blessed with: Westlawn School. I hope the historical ignorance and political/personal vices can be put aside to jump at the chance to save, restore and utilize this last treasure we know as Westlawn for the past, present and future generations.

Yes, I got my first — and only — paddling by Principal Kemp in that boiler room at Westlawn School. But I’d go through it all again to secure the majestic Westlawn School building’s future as a symbol of Paxton’s pride, foresite and of its educational success stories.

Thank you, Mrs. Abrahamson and Mrs. Skongberg.


Rugby, N.D.