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I don’t recall Tony Lee attacking the National Rifle Association or the Republican party back when he was a candidate for Ford County state’s attorney. His Sept. 11 letter puts him in league with Democrats. What a train wreck they are! There is currently a leftist jihad against Christian values, conservatives, gun owners and Trumpsters.

Mass shootings were almost non-existent when I was a kid, and some high-schoolers would occasionally bring a gun to show their buddies. What happened? Christian values that once helped moderate our evil ways are constantly scorned by Hollywood, the Left, the ACLU and Democrats who now hold atheists in high esteem. Quarterback Drew Brees of New Orleans was recently vilified for telling kids to bring their Bibles to school on Oct. 3. The Left has sown bad seeds for decades, and now the harvest is coming in.

Statistics show about one person a day is killed in America with a rifle while 29 are killed daily by drunk driving. Walmart quit selling most guns; however, they still sell beer. Eight teens a day are killed by wrecks while on a cell phone, but phones are OK. Sixty percent of gun deaths are self-inflicted. About 129 Americans a day die from opioids. However, that’s a “non-violent” crime. More than 2,000 unborn Americans are slaughtered daily and Dems approve.

Democrats want to ban certain rifles, and then it will be pistols. Will bad guys give theirs up? Revolvers and slide actions would be next. Obviously, their goal is erasing the 2nd Amendment. Listening to the Dems in their debates is like an echo chamber of insanity. You cannot legislate the human heart. So, borrowing a line from early American patriots: Don’t tread on me!