I don’t know if you have seen me and Paxton Record Editor Will Brumleve touring around town, or at a recent Paxton Rotary Club meeting.

If you haven’t, my name is Andrew Rosten. I am the new sports editor at the Paxton Record.

Let’s start with some background. I am 25. I am a Clinton native and graduated from Clinton High School and Illinois State University, with a bachelor’s degree in print journalism.

My past employment was a bit of a juggling act.

I worked two part-time jobs. One of them was as a sports clerk at the Herald & Review in Decatur, where I, for the most part, would take phone calls, faxes and/or emails from coaches and/or statisticians who had results/statistics for a game in the local area.

Another was as a freelance sports writer/photographer for the Clinton Journal, a two-a-week publishing in which I covered sports in the Clinton area, with (this is pretty much an understatement) a heavy emphasis on Clinton High School sports.

While working both jobs, I have noticed that people like seeing their local citizens in the paper.

Whether it be a golfer at a country club who sank a hole-in-one, a high school player or a little league athlete, not only do they like seeing their names in the paper, but many of their friends and family members like it, too.

The problem that presents is, however, there are so many people in different communities and only one reporter.

Paxton, for instance, has a population of 4,600. So there are 4,600 potential stories every single day.

I have found many of them.

I met Royce Baier, who owns a showroom in the State Street Mall with numerous classic cars, among his funeral service and other companies.

I guess you could say he is a Baier of many things.

While on the subject of corny name puns, I have also met the survivor of the Hatfield & McCoy feud.

At least that’s how Paxton-Buckley-Loda football head coach Jeff Graham referred to his defensive coordinator, Doug McCoy, the first time I met him.

There are rotary clubs, booster clubs, etc. who may one day deserve some publicity that they may not be able to get because I may have to cover another story.

Like the Buckley Dutchmasters, who recently won the Eastern Illinois Baseball League Tournament Championship.

By covering that story, I may have less time to devote to covering the Paxton Swedes if they’re doing anything important the same week. And for choosing the

Dutchmasters over the Swedes, I apologize to all of Paxton.

But like Brock Niebuhr, who managed to get his Dutchmasters to win the EI Tournament while at the same time helping Graham, McCoy and PBL’s football team get ready for its upcoming season, I hope to perform this juggling act admirably.

Thanks for your greetings and your help, and I look forward to covering you.

I am sure that I have a lot of exciting things to cover.

For instance, PBL’s volleyball team looks to be a contender in Class 2A.

Last year, Kayla Cowan had a multiple school-record-setting year en route to leading the Panthers to a 19-win season and the regional finals.

I look forward to seeing whether PBL can get to the 20-win and regional championship level, if not beyond.

The Panthers’ junior high cross country team seems to have a winning tradition, having been to state every year for more than a decade.

While I have no experience in covering cross country, I am sure I will enjoy watching PBL gain some success in that sport as well.

In the words of New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott: "Can’t wait."