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PAXTON — Stop signs will be installed to slow down drivers on Elm Street where it intersects Holmes Street on the west side of Paxton.  

The city council voted 5-2 on Jan. 14 to make the intersection — located near the Paxton Daycare Center and Howard Thomas Park — a two-way stop.

In December, the council directed Police Chief Coy Cornett to set up a speed trailer at Elm and Holmes streets to monitor speeds at the intersection. However, Cornett said the measure was inconclusive in showing that the addition of traffic-control signs would be needed there.

Cornett said there had been “only one accident in 10 years” at the intersection. Cornett said that if the council wanted a traffic-control sign installed there, he would recommend stop signs rather than yield signs be installed.

Alderman Kammy Johnson Anderson said last month she was reluctant to install more yield and stop signs when there are already so many in town. However, she said she spoke with Jeff Brown, who lives near the daycare center, and the daycare  center’s director, Amy Barradas, who both told her they thought something needed to be done.

Other business

Also at the Jan. 14 meeting:

➜ Though it was on the agenda for the council to concur with Mayor Bill Ingold’s appointment of a resident to fill the vacant Ward 4 alderman seat most recently held by Rob Steiger, no action was taken. Ingold said the resident with whom he spoke about filling the vacancy had not gotten back to him yet.

➜ The council approved a resolution committing local funds toward the upcoming downtown streetscape improvement project. The council needed to do so as a result of a $55,800 shortfall in state funds for the project. The local funds are expected to come from the city’s general fund, including some from the anticipated sale of the city-owned airport. The council will let bids for the project next month, and the bids will be opened March 3. Bids are expected to be approved at the March council meeting the following week.

➜ Ingold said he expects the sale of the airport to a private party to be concluded by the end of January.