SPRINGFIELD — State troopers across Illinois participated in Distracted Driving Awareness Week from April 21-27, giving special attention to distracted driving while still enforcing other traffic violations.  

During the enforcement period, troopers issued 566 distracted driving citations, 5,702 citations for other traffic violations and 6,763 written warnings.

State police safety education officers also provided more than 250 hours of distracted driving presentations to schools and community groups throughout the state.

“The Illinois State Police (ISP) has identified distracted driving as one of the major contributors to traffic crashes statewide,” said Illinois State Police Acting Director Brendan Kelly. “Along with DUI, speeding and occupant restraint, we are committed to identifying and stopping drivers who make these poor choices on our roadways.

“However, there are many distractions from within a vehicle that are not against the law. That’s why the ISP considers a change in driver behavior through a strong educational component so critical to our overall mission of making our roadways safer. We ask every driver to join us in our fight against these poor choices and to help us promote a culture of safe driving in Illinois.”

The use of cellular telephones for all drivers, regardless of age, while operating a vehicle in a school zone or construction zone is prohibited.  In addition, the use of any other electronic device to text, e-mail, compose, read or send electronic messages or access Internet sites while driving a motor vehicle is prohibited.  

Violating Illinois’ texting law can be costly. A first violation carries a $120 fine which can increase with multiple violations or when a violation occurs in a work or school zone.