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SIBLEY — Sibley Village Board members on Monday night reviewed the first draft of a revised nuisance ordinance.

They agreed to seek a number of minor changes in wording that will be shared with the village’s attorney.

Changes to the ordinance draft were agreed upon in several areas, including garbage and burning of lawn refuse. Trustees will consider approving a revised ordinance in December.

Trustee Laura Grider asked if the ordinance included language about livestock confinement operations near village limits. Board President Jim Kearney said that issue would be covered in a new zoning ordinance that will assert the village’s right to control the use of land within 1.5 miles of village limits.

Water leaks are growing

According to a report from village employee Merlin Tjarks, the village is losing upwards of 8,000 gallons of water per day due to a growing problem with underground leaks.

Tjarks said the village is recording water use of 34,000 gallons per day when use should be closer to 24,000 gallons daily. The total recorded for 31 days in October was 1,065,000 gallons.

Tjarks asked that funds allowed for payment of his work be increased and paid for by the reduced hours now being charged by water operator James Howe. The board will consider his request at the Dec. 2 meeting

Other maintenance issues

Tjarks asked for permission to put a stand-up heater unit in the Star Cafe building. Board members agreed.

Tjarks added that the heater for the village’s pump house needs repaired because its fan is close to locking up.

Tjarks also said he has more work to do in opening up plugged drainage tiles at various locations.

Meanwhile, board members approved spending $500 for A&K Tree Service to take down a half-dead tree that is located on the village’s easement on property owned by Dennis Wahl.

Downtown rehabilitation

Don “Corky” Meyer informed trustees that the Star Cafe building will be the next downtown rehabilitation project of the Sibley Business & Historical Association (SBHA).

Meyer said the SBHA will again look to the village for its blessing before undertaking the work, although he could see no potential negatives.

Improvements will include a new roof, floor and bathroom. Meyer said the “energetic group” is capable of completing the project but will be raising funds to help pay for the work.

“The group is capable,” Meyer said of the SBHA. “We’ve done it before,” Meyer said, speaking of past successful revitalization efforts.

Meyer noted that the success of the SBHA’s special events and added that it is surprising how many people are learning “Sibley is on the map.”

Project details will be presented to the village board at its Dec. 2 meeting.

Meyer also announced that the SBHA would again sponsor a “night on the town” on Dec. 7 with available activities to include carriage rides and visits with Santa.

Meyer reminded trustees that membership to the SBHA is open to all. The group meets at 8 a.m. on the second Saturday of each month at the Sullivant Township Hall in Sibley.

Other business

Also at Monday’s meeting:

➜ A new contract with the Ford County Sheriff’s Office was approved. Fees for law enforcement assistance within the village will be the same as the past year. Fees are payable in two installments of $4,474 for a total cost of $8,948.

➜ The amount paid by Roy Brucker to rent about three acres owned by the village was discussed. Payment was due in October, and the village has previously charged Brucker a total of $400, or approximately $133 per acre. The reduced rate over a typical, higher farm rental rate is because a portion of the acreage is occupied by the village burn pile area and not farmable. However, the size of the area is not known exactly, so it was decided to revisit the payment amount at the Dec. 2 meeting after measurements have been taken.