SPRINGFIELD — Victims of sexual assault shouldn’t fear reporting the crime to police, but those with minor past legal issues could open themselves up to arrest under current law. That would be changed, however, under legislation sponsored by state Sen. Jason Barickman, R-Bloomington, that passed the Illinois Senate on May 30.

“Under current law, police must arrest sexual assault victims who have outstanding non-violent arrest warrants,” said Barickman. “This legislation fixes that issue and makes sure that victims don’t have to fear reporting an assault.”

Under current law, when a victim of sexual assault comes into contact with police, such as when going to the hospital for treatment, they must be arrested for any outstanding warrants, even in cases of minor non-violent offenses or unpaid fines.

House Bill 92 would require the officer to request a waiver of the required execution of the warrant, so long as it isn’t for a violent offense or parole violation.

House Bill 92 passed the Senate unanimously on May 30 and is now headed back to the House for a concurrence vote.