LODA — The Loda Village Board voted 4-0, with Trustee Cathy Tittle absent, to allow Trustee Ronda Breeden to proceed with hiring Westmont-based Rubbersafe Playgrounds to install black rubber mulch around all playground equipment at the village park at a cost not to exceed $14,000.

The rubber mulch will replace the existing wooden mulch, which Breeden suggested could be moved to other village-owned properties or instead given to residents who want some.

Meanwhile, Board President Carol Arseneau said electrical work at the park was completed, and the pavilion is now well lit. The cost of the electrical work was $416 more than originally had been bid, Arseneau noted, as some repairs had to be made to an electrical line that was damaged when All Phases of Construction had installed new wooden posts last summer on the pavilion.

In other park-related news, Darlene Starkey, representing the Loda Truck & Tractor Pull Association, said the association had earmarked some money to be spent on the village park, and she asked about the possibility of using the funds to buy new swing seats and chains. The board agreed to allow such a purchase.

Starkey also asked if the board had any intentions of fixing up the volleyball court at the park and, if so, that her association would be willing to assist in the effort. The board agreed to think over the proposal and let her know.

Resident and former trustee Roy Hilgendorf reminded the board that the basketball court at the park needs resealed, as well.

Other business

Also at the meeting:

➜ Village engineer Tom Overmyer presented plans for $40,000 in road repairs to be completed this summer using motor-fuel tax revenue.

➜ Recyclers of Champaign, a company that bought property on South Franklin Street, agreed to fund up to $2,500 toward the street’s resurfacing, as the company plans to have heavy trucks using the street to access its property there.

➜ Overmyer and Board President Carol Arseneau said a home that was located on property the village acquired for the construction of a new water tower has been torn down.

➜ The board decided to make no changes to the village’s burning ordinance, other than altering some wording to make it more understandable and readable.

➜ The village’s cleanup day was scheduled for 7:30 a.m. to noon Saturday, April 27. It will be an opportunity for residents to dispose of their unwanted items, with the exception of electronics, paint, hazardous chemicals and yard waste.

➜ The board made plans to notify the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Loda that it can proceed with the installation of a new sidewalk.

➜ The board learned that  Breeden and resident Paula Rossow had organized a meeting for 2 p.m. Saturday, April 20, at the Loda Township Library to discuss ways to start back up the Loda Good Ole Days celebration. Rossow asked if the village would be willing to donate the $90 she spent for an advertisement to promote the meeting.  Trustees voted to donate $250 to Rossow, and if no celebration ends up happening, then she would he required to refund all but the $90 back to the village. Residents interesting in seeing the celebration restarted are encouraged to attend the meeting.

➜ Trustee Gene Breeden Jr. said repairs need to be made to Mulberry Street, from Mulberry Farms to the Pine Ridge Cemetery, so that the street can be re-opened. The street has been barricaded off due to its condition. Breeden also reminded the board that they had agreed to send a letter to the owners of Mulberry Farms informing them that they need to stop allowing semi-trailers to use that street, as it cannot handle the weight.

➜ Board members voted unanimously to spend up to $100 on a glass display case that will be used to display Loda artifacts and photos.

➜ Upon the suggestion of Village Attorney Dale Strough, the board discussed proposed new fees for the rezoning of property. Strough will draw up an ordinance and bring to the May meeting for the board’s approval.

➜ Hilgendorf was granted a 50 percent discount on his water bill.

➜ Treasurer Myles Reck gave board members a list of what was spent by the village last year and asked them to review the list in advance of drafting the town’s annual appropriation ordinance.

➜ Strough said he had obtained a demolition order for the Houston property and was waiting on Iroquois County trustees to get paperwork to acquire titles on the Coe and Genzel properties.

➜ Resident Cathy Caspers asked if there was a noise ordinance, as she was having problems with her neighbors playing loud music and making noise. Arseneau said she is sure that there is such an ordinance.