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The Roberts Village Board had its regular meeting Feb. 3.

It approved the minutes of the Jan. 6 board meeting, according to the minutes of the meeting.

Within committee reports, The monthly water report was given, and 915,000 gallons were pumped in January.

As of yet, there were no updated from the IEPA regarding the water tower site remediation.

The maintenance report from David Fuoss and David King stated there will be a live burn at 114 W. Green St. March 14.

There will be a pipeline training at Kankakee’s Majestic Theatre March 14.

Bev Rueck gave the gym and park report.

There will be a fireman’s pancake and sausage event March 29.

As for ordinance violations, Janet Walker said she’s proceeding with calls as necessary and sending letters and tickets. She was told two-part warning forms will be ordered. It was requested that a list of tickets and court dates be provided.

There was no old business discussed.

Under new business, there will be an electronic recycling event during 2021.

Allowing the resident at 102 E. Cemetery Rd. to be buried on his property was deferred to the zoning committee for a recommendation. Questions of concern were who should pay for the cost of a survey, advertising it with the survey parameters, and selling it following advertisement in the paper, etc.

The board did not make a donation to the Show Bus, as it has not in the past.

The franchise agreement with Ameren was tabled until a representative attends a meeting with the board.

The board approved allowing the Ford County’s Committee on Veteran’s Affairs to have a planning meeting at the hall Feb. 27.

The board discussed an amendment to rescind its objection to the Ford County Zoning on wind farms as long as the height is no greater than 500 feet and that the setback shall be no greater than 2,250 feet, as per amendment 2020-04. This was approved unanimously. A copy was to be delivered to the states attorney at the courthouse Feb. 4. It’s pending the approval of the states attorney.