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It is time to buy recycling passes for the new recycling year starting on Nov.


Passes will be available to purchase starting Oct. 3.

The passes can be purchased at the Recycling Depot located behind Gibson City Hall when you bring recyclables or from the Moyer District Library.

The passes cost the same as previous years: $20 for residents of Gibson City that pay city taxes, $15 for resident seniors (62 or older), $25 for non-residents and $20 for non-resident seniors (62 and older). The recycling collection is on the first and third Saturday of each month from 8-11:30 a.m.

When you purchase a pass you will also get a sheet outlining what materials are

acceptable and which cannot be taken at this time.

There is a slight change to acceptable plastics as the recycler is no longer able to accept plastics #6 or #7.

Please check the recycling symbol on your container to be sure it is a #1-5. As

always it really helps to flatten down the cardboard and plastic as much as possible. Last year they collected about 78 tons of recyclables, up 3.4 from the

previous year. So, space continues to be a big problem. Unfortunately, they also collected 1,300 pounds of non-recyclables so please check the sheet to be sure what you are bringing can actually be recycled.

Accepted Material:

Plastics: Plastic containers labeled 1-5(note no 6 or 7), except plastics on the unaccepted side regardless of the number on them.

Aluminum: Aluminum cans, foil, and cookware.

Tin: Tin cans, aerosol cans, empty paint cans, all-metal hangers.

Paper: Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, phone books, office paper, paperbacks,

shredded paper (in bag is OK).

Cardboard: Flattened boxes, paper bags, food containers, gift boxes, and tubes.

Unaccepted Material:

Plastics: NO straws, Amazon mailers, oil containers, plastic bags, buckets, plastic totes, toys, vinyl siding, lawn furniture, food wrappers.

Aluminum: All accepted.

Tin: No propane cans.

Paper: No hardback books, wrapping paper, windowed envelopes, construction paper, carbon paper.

Cardboard: No wax board, juice and milk cartons, cardboard containing metal or plastic.

Miscellaneous Unaccepted items: No Styrofoam of any kind, Appliances, Electronics, Furniture, Lawn and farm equipment, Medical supplies, Clothing, Garbage, Construction materials, Automotive batteries, or Oil containers.

No glass of any kind can be accepted.

Preparing materials for recycling:

Please rinse out all containers.

Please flatten plastics and particularly cardboard to help with the space problem.

Labels can be left on containers, such as cans and plastics.

Newspapers in paper bags can be recycled together, but newspapers in plastic bags will be taken out of the plastic bags at the depot.

Shredded paper can stay in a plastic bag so it doesn't blow around.

For more information contact Karen Kummerow at 217-784-5919.