Wayne Yeary

Wayne Yeary

URBANA — A Rankin man accused of entering his employer’s home is due back in court next month.

Wayne Yeary, 24, was arraigned Thursday on a charge of residential burglary filed in October. The charge alleged that Yeary entered a home on Champaign County Road 400 East in rural Fisher between Sept. 15 and Sept. 25, intending to steal.

Although residential burglary is a Class 1 felony, Judge John Kennedy told Yeary that if convicted, he faces sentencing as a Class X felon because of prior convictions. That would mean a mandatory prison term of between six and 30 years.

Champaign County Sheriff’s Lt. Curt Apperson said Yeary worked for the man whose home he entered. During September, the man noticed a total of $162 taken from a piggy bank and one other place in his home as well as a .45-caliber handgun missing.

He and Yeary communicated by text regarding the missing items, Apperson said, and Yeary admitted taking the cash but not the gun.

The victim reported the theft to the sheriff’s office in October.

The state’s attorney’s office initially sent Yeary a summons to appear in court but when it was not served, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Yeary remains free on bond that he posted Tuesday, May 28. He is due back in court with his own attorney on June 13.