Dr. Gerald Aardsma

Dr. Gerald Aardsma.

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Following his discovery of two anti-aging vitamins, Dr. Gerald Aardsma of Loda answered questions from Ford County Record Editor Will Brumleve this week. Following is a sampling of the give-and-take:

How were you able to develop the two anti-aging vitamins?

Through decades of research at the interface of science and the Bible. The Old Testament records that people once lived for nearly a thousand years. It also records that lifespans began to decline precipitously following Noah’s flood. These are the only data we possess on earth showing that human lifespans are mutable and can be lengthened far beyond what we regard as normal today. As such, these biblical lifespan data are exceedingly precious from a scientific perspective. These biblical lifespan data were the key which enabled me to unlock the mystery of aging and to discover the two anti-aging vitamins.

What have the results of using the vitamins been, both to you and your wife and to those who have obtained it through your website?

I was the first human in modern times to begin to take MePA (methylphosphonic acid), the first anti-aging vitamin I discovered.  MePA is totally missing from modern human diets. It was naturally present in drinking water back in the ancient times Genesis records.  

Using myself as a human guinea pig, after finding no toxicity with laboratory mice, I began taking MePA at just 1 microgram per day, a very low daily intake even for a vitamin. After I had been taking it for 3 1/2 weeks, a rare, debilitating autoimmune disease (CIDP) I had come down with 11 years earlier, when I had turned 50, disappeared. This disease had seemed relentless, and I had pretty much resigned myself to being stuck with it for the rest of my life. When I first contracted CIDP, I had gone several years without treatment trying to get a diagnosis of what was wrong with me. I had become extremely weak in my arms and legs. I had difficulty lifting a fork to feed myself, and I could not navigate stairs, either up or down, without assistance.

Eventually, I was diagnosed with CIDP by Dr. Wang of Champaign, a gifted neurologist. He explained that there was no cure for CIDP but that symptoms could be controlled by proper medical treatments. By the time I started taking MePA, I had been on treatments for years.  

Shortly after adding MePA to my diet, symptoms began to disappear, and soon I was able to quit the treatments. That was in late 2015. There has been no recurrence of CIDP since.

My wife was the second person to begin taking the vitamin.  She has always been relatively healthy. We humans have a natural fear of anything previously unknown. She waited until I had been taking it for a year, with no negative side effects, and, after I told her that I really didn’t want to grow young without her by my side, she started taking MePA at 1 microgram per day. She soon experienced relief of chronic insomnia. This made a huge difference to her ability to cope with life and to her general quality of life. The vitamins seem to improve sleep for many people.  Sleep is deeper and more rejuvenating. You end up, eventually, needing less sleep.  

The list of results from the vitamins is relatively long. Vitamins, in general, tend to be multi-functional. A given vitamin does many different things.  This is true of these newly discovered anti-aging vitamins, as well. Many older people report increased energy levels. Another big blessing for me was cessation of chronic headaches. Prior to taking MePA, I was consuming a lot of Tylenol. I don’t like to take pain killers or any other drugs, but I had found as I aged that I had no choice. The alternative was excruciatingly painful migraines. Now, I no longer need pain killers at all. Other users have reported the same effect.

Healing seems to be quickened by the vitamins. I find myself repeatedly amazed that I can go to bed with sore muscles from a day of hard physical activity or from some injury and wake up the next morning with all soreness gone.

Users also frequently report improved immune function: resistance to colds and flu, for example, or relief of asthma.  

The anti-aging vitamins are not a panacea — they don’t fix everything which might be wrong with a person — but they definitely improve overall health.  This is especially noticeable for those of us who are over the age of 50.

What are the benefits of taking the vitamins?

The main benefit is protection from aging. Because aging develops slowly on a day to day basis, this benefit is hard to notice. But protection from aging is vital to health and longevity and so it must be regarded as the greatest benefit one receives from taking the the vitamins.

Healing of aging — restored youthfulness — is the second most important benefit. I wish the vitamins would rapidly restore youthfulness, but healing of agedness is, in fact, a slow process. The biblical lifespan data, when mathematically modeled via computer, reveal that it takes about a dozen years of supplementing with the anti-aging vitamins to turn the clock back one year on aging. For this reason, it is best to begin taking the vitamins as soon as you can, even for young people and children.

In addition to these two major benefits are numerous physical and psychological health improvements, as discussed above.  These act more rapidly, and hence are more easily observed.

Are you working to get them on the market (for sale)? What is the process for doing that? And when do you hope they will be able to be sold in stores?

Yes. The only holdup is with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The process involves submission of a New Dietary Ingredient Notification (NDIN) to FDA, then waiting for a green light from FDA to make them commercially available.

Both vitamins — MePA and MePiA — are new dietary ingredients. I filed an NDIN for MePA shortly after I discovered it. It has gotten stalled over insistence by FDA that MePA is not a vitamin. I plan to try again soon with a second NDIN. There have been no new vitamin discoveries for roughly 70 years, so FDA is having a hard time with this. I am trying to be patient and understanding, but I feel keenly the fact that 6,000 Americans are now dying needlessly each day due to aging.  I suspect that I must appear to the FDA to have suddenly come out of nowhere.  

Nearly all of my research has been conducted privately and at my own expense. My research is interdisciplinary, and such have been the demands of the research that I have had little time to pursue publication within the mainstream scientific literature over the years. But still I feel that FDA is not displaying the sort of sensitivity to the unavoidable moral side of the discovery of these new vitamins that we Americans would like to see from our government institutions. Each day that passes with no green light from FDA to go commercial marks the loss of another 6000 American lives.

Can you explain your feelings on biblical references to people living longer than they are today and how that may relate to your vitamins?  

Decades ago, before I started researching aging, I viewed the biblical references to people having life spans of nearly a thousand years as curious anomalies.  Not any longer. We moderns are the anomaly, not those ancient multi-centenarians. The biblical references to multi-centenary humans are simply factual, historical records. These ancient historical records are what have enabled me to discover these vitamins.

I see elderly people today, gray and bent and feeble, and my heart goes out to them. They and everyone around them misunderstands what is up with them.  They are not old. To call someone “old” who is not yet even 90, when our most ancient historical records reveal that people can live past 900, is clearly silly.  They simply are not old. They are sick. They are very sick with a vitamin deficiency disease which has been killing off relatively young humans — humans who have not yet achieved even a tenth of their known lifespan potential — for thousands of years now. We call this vitamin deficiency disease “aging.” We now possess the tools — the anti-aging vitamins — needed to cure this disease. What are we waiting for?

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