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-Preschool Story Hour: We meet weekly on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. for stories and craft time. All preschool age children are welcome!

-Books on Wheels. Are you homebound and unable to come to the library? Let the library come to you! We will make deliveries to you inside the Paxton City Limits. Do you need a library card? We will help with that as well! Call: 217-379-3431 to apply for this service!

-Summer Reading Challenge at the library! Goodie bags are ready to go for readers who complete their reading logs! Keep reading, fill out your reading log, stop in and pick up your goodie bags!!

Be sure to check out our New Arrivals area! These are donated items, new to our collection! New to the library this week are:


Adult Fiction:

Adult Non-Fiction:

Adult Non-Fiction: Biography.

Young Adult Fiction:

Large Print Selections:

Large Print Christian Fiction:


Juvenile Fiction:

Juvenile Non-Fiction:


-12 Mighty Orphans. DVD: Rated PG-13.

Be sure to check out the many titles on the book sale shelves.


Children’s Department:

The Wolf, The Duck, and The Mouse by Mac Barnett (Easy Reader)

When Mouse gets eaten by a wolf, he thinks his life is over. Little does he know that inside of a wolf is the safest place to live! There he meets Duck, who had been swallowed and is now living peacefully inside the wolf. Find out what happens when the wolf meets a hunter!

Brave as a Mouse by Nicolo Carozzi (Easy Reader)

Just when Mouse is trying to play with his friend Fish, three cats interrupt! Mouse must think quickly to save his friend and himself, and that’s just what he does. This story is told through words and pictures, so make sure you don’t miss a page!

Ruby Finds a Worry by Tom Percival (Easy Reader)

After Ruby finds a Worry, she isn’t able to get rid of it. It follows her everywhere she goes and makes her whole world seem dark. However, one day she finds a boy who also has a Worry, and together, they find a way to get rid of their Worries.

Junior Fiction:

Children’s Non-Fiction:

Adult Fiction:

Christian Fiction:

Young Adult Fiction:

Adult Non-Fiction:


-When We Last Spoke. DVD:2019. Juliet and Evangeline are sisters who, like many sisters, fight all the time. When their father goes to war in 1967, their mother isn’t able to handle the responsibility and starts longing to be a performer again. She ends up leaving them with their grandparents, Grandma Ruby and Papo. Added to the mix is Itasca, Papo’s aging mother with dementia who is literally dumped at their door. This story is tender and funny, a story about the importance of family. Very well worth your time!

-Storm Boy. DVD: 2019. Trying to help his granddaughter work through her anger at her father, Mike Kingley is brought back to his youth and relates to her a very unusual story. Growing up, Mike lived with his father on a largely uninhabited coastline of Southern Australia. His closest friend was a pelican, one of three that he had found abandoned and raised until they were full grown. The story of Mike, his father, and the pelicans, along with Fingerbone Bill, (a wanderer, indigenous to the area), will keep you entertained until the very end.

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