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LODA — It is only fitting that the Loda couple bringing new life to the town’s old grade school building have been working for years to find a way to prolong life.

Dr. Gerald and Helen Aardsma recently bought the former Loda Grade School on Jefferson Street on the village’s north side. Almost 25 years earlier, the scientist, who identifies himself as a conservative Christian, and his wife founded Aardsma Research & Publishing (ARP) with the intent to find an answer to the age-old question of why people age — and to develop a way to reverse the aging process.

In 2015, Dr. Aardsma’s research culminated with the discovery of a previously unknown anti-aging vitamin. More recently, another such vitamin was discovered, and when paired with the first, the two vitamins have proven to have amazing results.

“There have been a lot of testimonials from people saying that taking the vitamins has definitely benefited their health. A lot of people are saying they’re less tired, that they don’t need as much sleep, and some elderly folks are saying they’ve just felt better than they have in years,” said Steve Hall, the Aardsmas’ son-in-law, who along with his wife, Jennifer, serve as spokespersons for ARP.

The Aardsmas plan to use the long-vacant grade school building as laboratory and production space for their growing research firm, which had been operated for years on land by their home in Loda. They plan to continue their research of the anti-aging vitamins at the school facility and produce the vitamins there, shipping the product to the expanding number of people who desire to obtain it, the Halls said.

“They need more lab space ... because they just really haven’t had the space,” Steve Hall said. “They’ve used their space to the max.”

The Aardsma family is currently cleaning up the 96-year-old, one-story building with plans to eventually renovate it over time. They hope to be ready to relocate their ARP company there within a couple of months, Jennifer Hall said.

Eventually, perhaps by as early as Christmas, the Aardsmas will also be using a portion of the building for the shipping and packaging department of Helen Aardsma’s Mulberry Lane Farm company, which ships organic grains nationwide.

“This small business, which was started maybe 15 years ago, has also outgrown its facility (by the Aardsmas’ home),” Jennifer Hall said.

Available for free

Dr. Aardsma’s two anti-aging vitamins — Vitamin MePiA and Vitamin MePA — are available to people on a gift basis, or for free, through, Jennifer Hall said.

Hundreds of people nationwide are currently taking the vitamins as a daily supplement, she said.

Testimonials have revealed how effective they can be to improving “multiple areas of one’s health,” she said.

“People who suffer from migraines are saying that their migraines are much less frequent. People who suffer from degenerative disc disease are saying that over a matter of weeks or months their back pain has decreased,” Jennifer Hall said. “Just basically the symptoms of aging in general — not being able to sleep very well, or your body taking a long time to heal itself — these kinds of things are reduced with these vitamins.”

Jennifer Hall said there have even been some “dramatic testimonials” from people who suffered from life-threatening conditions and were not expected to live long but “were able to pull through.”

“You never know for sure, but we just wonder whether the fact that they were taking these vitamins enabled their bodies to be stronger than they otherwise would have been,” Jennifer Hall said.

Steve Hall said that similar to the slow process of aging, the process of reversing aging is also slow — a “years and years type of thing.” However, he said that “certain benefits can be seen quite quickly.”

“Across the board, no matter what the testimonial is about, it’s always improvement — things are going better than they were,” Jennifer Hall said. “The biggest thing is prevention. It’s much better to start warding off the aging process in your body before it really gets advanced. And that is really what Dr. Aardsma’s passion is right now — to make this vitamin supplement known to everyone as much as possible so they can prevent Alzheimer’s and cancer and heart disease and just allow their bodies to have what they need at the cellular level to stop that (cellular) breakdown (that causes aging).”

Is aging a disease?

With a Ph.D. in nuclear physics and radio-carbon dating, Dr. Aardsma approaches his anti-aging research with the idea that aging is actually a disease, not necessarily the natural course of the human body. The Bible, Jennifer Hall noted, indicates people at one time lived for hundreds of years.

“He’s trying to put together modern science with biblical data,” she said.

While reversing the course of aging may seem “kind of nutty,” admitted Steve Hall, research into the topic is expanding in the scientific world.

“This research is going national right now — I mean, big companies, big money being spent on this topic,” Steve Hall said.

‘Amazing amount of energy’

Dr. Aardsma and his wife are both in their mid-60s, and both use the anti-aging vitamins daily.

“Their health is doing amazingly well,” Jennifer Hall said. “In fact, it’s quite an interesting story: My father had an auto-immune disease (chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy) for 11 years that was very debilitating. In fact, his life was hanging in the balance at one point about 10 or 15 years ago. ... But with the discovery of the anti-aging vitamins, he began to take those supplements on a daily basis and his disease went away within three weeks and has never come back, and he’s stronger and healthier today than he was back at that time.”

The Aardsmas have “an amazing amount of energy” these days, Jennifer Hall added, and it shows as they have been cleaning up the former grade school.

“They have almost more energy than my teenagers who are over there helping them,” she said.

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