Toby Wayne Price

Toby Wayne Price, 45, was arrested Saturday night for aggravated battery, aggravated assault and reckless conduct.

MELVIN — A Melvin man remained Monday at the Ford County Jail after he allegedly stabbed another man in his chest and back during a fight Saturday night.

No bond had been set yet for Toby Wayne Price, 45, who was arrested for aggravated battery, aggravated assault and reckless conduct, according to Ford County Sheriff’s Lt. Pat Duffy.

Price allegedly stabbed fellow Melvin resident Derrick C. Mason, 32, using a small folding pocketknife, Duffy said.

Around 10 p.m. Saturday, sheriff’s deputies responded to what was originally reported as a reckless driver, Duffy said. A man — later identified as Price — was reportedly driving recklessly in a sport-utility vehicle, doing "donuts" and spinning his wheels, Duffy said.

When neighbors confronted him about what he was doing, Price exited his vehicle and began "fighting with a couple of people," Duffy said.

At some point, Price allegedly used a pocketknife with a 3- to 4-inch blade to stab Mason in the collarbone area of his chest, Duffy said. Price also allegedly stabbed Mason in the lower-right area of his back, Duffy said.

Mason, whose injuries were believed to be non-life-threatening, and Price, who sustained cuts to his hands, were both taken to Gibson Area Hospital in Gibson City, where they were treated and released, Duffy said.

Price was later taken to the jail in Paxton, where he remained Monday.

No formal charges had been filed Monday in Ford County Circuit Court. State’s Attorney Andrew Killian said he was awaiting police reports before he would make a decision on what charges to file.

Duffy said all parties involved had been drinking alcohol.