Mason Knorr

Mason Knorr

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SPRINGFIELD — Drivers who violate right-of-way rules and injure pedestrians in crosswalks in Illinois would receive a one-year suspension of their driver’s license under legislation proposed in response to an accident that killed an Iroquois County resident.

Co-sponsored by state Sen. Jason Barickman, R-Bloomington, House Bill 2383 — referred to as Mason’s Law — would require a one-year suspension of an individual’s driver’s license if they commit a right-of-way violation at a crosswalk or a crosswalk in a school zone that results in bodily harm or death.

The legislation was filed in the House by Lindsay Parkhurst, R-Kankakee, in response to the death of 24-year-old rural Clifton resident Mason Knorr, who was killed in a traffic crash when a semi failed to obey a posted stop sign.

Mr. Knorr was the crew chief for Paxton resident Tom Meents’ Maximum Destruction monster truck team on the Monster Jam circuit.

“First and foremost, this is about creating a deterrent to careless driving and keeping pedestrians safe, especially those in school zones,” said Barickman. “If someone breaks the rules of the road and injures a pedestrian, they should receive a more serious punishment than a simple fine.”

The bill passed the Senate unanimously on May 21 and is now headed back to the House for a concurrence vote.