PAXTON — Marvel, the badly burned cat brought into the Paxton Veterinary Clinic last month, continues to make progress in its recovery.

On Friday, veterinary clinic staff sedated the young male cat in order to debride its wounds. After the operation, which involved removing Marvel’s dead skin, followup X-rays were completed to check his internal organs, and "everything internally looked great," said Angie Cleary, who has been helping with the cat’s recovery.

"It’s still going to be quite a while before he is able to grow back his new skin, and he may never have hair on his face," Cleary noted. "They had to remove the top parts of his ears and about two inches of his tail, just because the burns were severe enough that it had killed the end of his tail and the tops of his ears to the point there was no circulation left in them."

Cleary said that Marvel, which was also neutered last week, has been doing well despite all of the medical attention.

"He’s extremely affectionate given everything he’s been through," Cleary said. "He is really doing great. He likes to get his medicated baths and be wrapped up in a towel and cuddled after all of his baths.

"He’s at the vet during the day, and he has been going home with a vet tech (at night)."

Eventually, Marvel will go to a new home. A foster home has been lined up, Cleary said.

"It’s still going to be quite a while," Cleary said. "We would like all of his wounds to be completely healed before he goes to a new home. I would say at least a month, if not longer."

Marvel was brought into the veterinary clinic south of Paxton last month by a citizen who had found the cat along a road earlier that day, employee June Bane said. The cat appeared to have been burned, and its face was swollen to the point where " you can barely see his eyes," Bane said. The cat’s body temperature was low, too — at 96.4 degrees Fahrenheit, compared with a normal temperature of 101 or 102, Bane said.

Bane and Cleary were in disbelief that a cat could be left to die like Marvel was.

"He obviously had an owner at some point," Cleary said, "because he is tame and amazingly still affectionate after being this badly abused. ... I cannot wrap my head around how anyone could do this to a living creature."

Donations may be made toward Marble’s medical care by writing a check (with ‘Marvel’ written in the memo line) to: Paxton Vet Clinic (Attn: June), 1953 E. 200 North Road, Paxton, IL 60957.