CRESCENT CITY — Marvin Perzee, the long-serving president of the Iroquois County Fair board, has announced he is stepping down as president due to health issues. 

Perzee said he was honored to have served on the board since 1966, including as president since 1972. He said he has seen a lot of growth at the fairgrounds north of Crescent City and has enjoyed working with the board and fair superintendents in producing one of Illinois’ premiere county fairs. 

Perzee said he feels that the fair is in good hands and that he would work with the fair board as needed in the future.

Replacing Perzee as president of the board during the board’s annual meeting on Jan. 7 at the Community Building in Crescent City was Paul Ahlden.

Also elected as officers were Marvin Perzee, as first vice president, and Kathy McTaggart, as second vice president.

Re-elected to the board to two-year terms were Ahlden, Dave Arseneau, Harold Copas, Dave Perzee and Marvin Perzee.  Also, Jayme Senffner of Clifton and Larry Haigh of Chebanse were elected to serve their first two-year term on the board.

John Brassard of Milford retired from the board after eight years of service, and Don Wilken of Loda retired after 60 years.

Also at the meeting, contracts were renewed for Brian Zecher, treasurer; Pat Ward, secretary; and Debbie Krones, competitive exhibits coordinator.

The 2019 Iroquois County Fair will be held July 17-22.