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LODA — The Loda Village Board approved two building permits but delayed approval of another during its monthly meeting last week.

One of the permits approved, via a 4-2 vote, was for a garage to be built on property owned by Allan and Jackie Swanstrom in the 200 block of East Adams Street. Trustees Pat Allen and Gene Breeden Jr. were in dissent.

Before voting “no,” Breeden and Allen said they felt the board needed to first review its rules for maximum heights of garages. Village Attorney Dale Strough said the village’s zoning ordinance allows garages to be up to 35 feet tall.

Trustees approved the permit even though the height of the proposed building in question remained unclear in the Swanstroms’ building permit application.

Meanwhile, the board unanimously approved a building permit authorizing the replacement of a garage on property owned by Cathy Caspers in the 200 block of West Jackson Street.

The board tabled approval of a building permit for a storage shed, as requested by Randall and Sandra Henrichs, because the couple had yet to provide the board with the required verification of ownership of their property on West Washington Street.

Other business

Also at the meeting:

➜ The board set Halloween trick-or-treating hours for 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 1.

➜ Due to the absence of engineer Tom Overmyer, the board heard no report on the progress of the water tower project.

➜ The board voted unanimously to accept a $2,000 bid from Onarga-based Price’s Tree Service for the removal of five trees plus stump removal and the trimming of one tree.

➜ Trustee Jon Boone said he received a phone call from Richard Kingery, a trustee for the Loda Fire Protection District, asking the village to not proceed with its plans to install a 4-inch water meter at the local firehouse. In August, the board voted unanimously to install the meter at the firehouse, which currently has none. The measure was taken  after a surprise inspection of Loda’s water system by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency revealed that nearly 15 percent of the water used in the village could not be accounted for. Boone said he explained to Kingery, as trustees did last month, that the village is not blaming the fire department, but is instead only trying to determine the source of the unaccounted-for water usage in order to satisfy the IEPA. Boone also said he stressed to Kingery that the fire department will not be required to pay for the metered water. Boone said Kingery told him the fire department could account for every gallon of water it uses, to which J.R. Ptacek, an employee of the village’s contracted water-system operator, responded: “You know what, now we can too.”

➜ Village Board President Carol Arseneau said she would send a letter to Weber Fertilizer informing the company that it will be given three options by the village when it comes to its unmetered water line: (1) purchase a 2-inch meter at its own cost, (2)  allow the village to reduce the line to a ¾-inch line and allow the village to provide a ¾-inch meter for it at the village’s cost, or (3) allow the village to cap the line so it is not usable. Arseneau said the letter will ask for a response within 30 days.

➜ The board voted to approve the village’s annual tax levy ordinance.

➜ Trustees agreed to allow the village’s treasurer, Myles Reck, to plow snow again this winter. Arseneau said she would check on the availability of Rick Gooden to again serve as Reck’s backup.

➜ Trustees agreed to solicit sealed bids from the public for the purchase of a village-owned snow plow that is no longer used by the village. The decision to sell the equipment was a result of it taking up too much space in the village’s shed. Any sealed bids received will be opened at the November meeting.

➜ Arseneau said there is a need to buy more gravel to be deposited this winter on Jefferson and Mulberry streets, which were not oiled and chipped this summer. Arseneau said she obtained a cost estimate from Louie Sanders for about seven or eight loads of gravel. Arseneau said she would check into the price of gravel and bring more information back to the board in November so that the board can decide what to do.

➜ Breeden questioned why the village’s treasurer, instead of the village board’s president or trustees, was speaking on the village’s behalf on a local television news station recently. Reck asked whether in the future he should decline an interview if requested, to which Arseneau said, “Yes, just tell them it’s not your place.”