GIBSON CITY  — The Gibson City Pool Board discussed the swimming pool manager’s position during a brief meeting Thursday night at City Hall.

Board member Mark Ward said he had not heard from current pool manager Randy Ferguson regarding Ferguson’s plans for next year and beyond. Ferguson earlier indicated he does not wish to remain as pool manager.

The board discussed what to do in Ferguson’s anticipated absence. Board member Paul Phillips noted that Ferguson’s advice would be needed relating to certain matters and he could still be a consultant to the pool board.

Board members agreed that volunteers could help out with pool operations next summer before the construction of a new pool in Gibson City is completed in 2021.

Other business

In other business:

➜ Board members discussed disciplinary measures for the pool this summer. Assistant pool manager Hannah Cliff said disciplinary matters are handled by herself and other lifeguards. Gibson City resident Mary Laughery said she has noticed foul language being used by teenagers at the pool, sometimes in the presence of younger children. Board members agreed that lifeguards could give warnings and suspensions depending on the severity of each circumstance.

➜ A new diving board has been installed at the pool, the board learned. The board also discussed the pool’s sound system and a new telephone.