GIBSON CITY — A Gibson City man charged with three felonies for allegedly threatening to "blow up" his wife’s teenaged niece at her school claims the girl concocted the story in an attempt to frame him and break up his marriage.

Wanting to clear his name, Adit P. Bhiday, 43, of the 800 block of North Bell Street, forwarded the Ford County Record an email Friday that he previously had sent to his public defender, Harvey Welch of Urbana.

In his email, Bhiday described having a contentious relationship with the girl ever since he was married to her aunt last September, saying that the girl, her two sisters and their mother  "did not like me for various reasons."

When the girl, her two sisters and one of their friends came to his home unannounced on the night of Feb. 10, Bhiday had his wife ask them to leave, "since I had to take care of many things the next day and wanted to sleep early," Bhiday said.

Bhiday said the girl then "started arguing with me in a loud voice" and at one point told him "something like, ‘You just said that you were going to blow up the school,’ in an obvious attempt to frame me."

"(The girl) was putting words in my mouth, blatantly framing me in front of everyone," Bhiday said. "After the argument, I went into (my) room and the girls left."

Later that night, the girl and her two sisters, accompanied by their mother, told Gibson City police that they heard Bhiday tell the girl, "I will blow you up at your school." Their friend who was present also mentioned the bomb threat to her father after arriving home, according to an arrest report from Gibson City Police Sgt. Kaleb Kraft.

The girl also claimed that Bhiday told her she was on his "hit list" three days earlier, the arrest report said.

"Next thing I know the cops turned up at our house late that night," Bhiday said. "They accused me of making the bomb threat, and when I tried to explain, it did not work since the police wanted to not take any chances when it came to the school or children."

Bhiday was arrested and later charged in Ford County Circuit Court with three Class 4 felony counts of disorderly conduct. Bhiday, if convicted, faces a sentence ranging from probation to up to three years in prison.

Bhiday stressed that "on that night or in any other meeting with (my wife’s sister’s) family, I have never, ever threatened anyone with anything, let alone used words like ‘bomb’ or ‘hit list.’ This allegation was concocted by the sisters, and they (had) their friend ... lie for them in order to break the marriage of (my wife) and myself."

Bhiday said he feels the girls’ allegations were "designed to catch the ears of police and to trigger them into taking hasty action."