Garage fire in Gibson City

A fire rages in a detached garage Wedneday evening at a home in Gibson City. The garage and its contents were destroyed, but no one was injured.

GIBSON CITY — A family’s two-car garage caught fire Wednesday night not long after a just-used mower was put back inside it, destroying the structure and its contents and damaging their home. No one was hurt.

Gibson Area Fire Protection District Chief Bruce Kallal estimated damages to be in the “$100,000 range.”

Inside the detached garage were a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a car, along with other “normal garage belongings” such as mowers, tools, a fridge and a freezer, Kallal said.

Fourteen Gibson City firefighters were joined by a dozen from Elliott in fighting the blaze at 317 N. West St., Kallal said. The family called 911 at 7:20 p.m. after seeing smoke, Kallal said.

The fire was “fully involved” upon firefighters’ arrival, Kallal said. They brought it under control within about a half-hour; the scene was cleared around 10:10 p.m.

A malfunction in a mower that had just been used and placed inside the garage is suspected of causing the fire, Kallal said.

The garage and its contents were a “total loss,” and there was also some damage to the siding, soffit and porch area of the rear of the house, plus some smoke, water and minimal fire damage on the inside of the home in that area.

No one was inside the garage when the fire started, and no one was harmed, Kallal said.