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The Ford County Board environmental committee is recommending to the full board that it submit the paper work to the state environmental protection agency opting in to sponsor an electronics recycling event next year.

The first step is necessary to ensure that the county could run up to four such events in four different places in the county. Chairman Gene May invited Karen Kummerow of Gibson City and Kenneth Hawthorne of the county Soil and Water Conservation District to the meeting because the two have run several successful electronics recycling events in Gibson City.

Running the event costs money because the organizers will have to pay for truck and trailer and fork lift rental and lots of volunteers will be needed, the two said. Hawthorne said his office will take care of the paperwork once the county approves the application which is due March 1.

Kummerow, who has headed the recycling program for years in Gibson, said one of the previous events resulted in 202 vehicles bringing in over 62,000 pounds of recyclable e-waste. She said advertising for the events can be done cheaply utilizing flyers and social media.

Also at the meeting, member Cindy Ihrke brought up the fact that the county has been notified that it is out of compliance with the state noxious weeds ordinance. That is because there is no person in place in the county to develop and run the program.

Ihrke said she spoke to an Iroquois County official who said that county is not worried about such a notification because it is an unfunded mandate and money to pay for it would have to come from the general fund. County Engineer said the state law mandates going onto private property for weed eradication and he for one wouldn’t be willing to that.

Ihrke said her inclination was to not go forward on any proposal and the committee took no action.