Iroquois County Highway Engineer Joel Moore opens bids at Friday's county board committee meeting, with committee members present, including committee chairman Charles Alt shown, at the highway maintenance building.

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iroquois County Highway Engineer Joel Moore opened up bids at Friday’s Iroquois County Board Transportation and Highway Committee meeting.

The bids were for countywide striping and refilling the Crescent Road District stockpile.

Bids received for the striping were from Varsity Striping for $32,322.50 and Precision Pavement Markings for $50,792.50.

Bids received for the stockpile were from Conrad Trucking, $55,450, Weber Trucking for $52,950 and C&C Trucking for $53,100.

The low bids for each contract were approved, pending a review of the bids.

The committee also approved a preliminary engineering agreement for township bridge inspections not to exceed $45,370. He said this will go to the inspection of about 250 of the county’s bridges.

Also in dealing with finances, Moore gave the list of the claims, saying $70,061 was spent in April and the department took in $19,269, leaving a balance of $733,352 in its general fund. He said with 41 percent of the year gone, his budget shows just 33 percent used. “All is on track,” he said.

Committeeman Chad McGinnis asked Moore if he’s planning ahead, expecting an reduction in state funds, which he gave an estimate of a 15-30 percent decrease.

Moore said in this year’s budget he did not count the anticipated 68 percent increase in the Motor Fuel Tax, so this year’s revenue should end with more than what’s currently listed.

For the FY21 budget, he said he’s thinking the year’s MFT taken in — with last year’s state increase in the tax — could be about equal to what was taken in at the rate it was before the increase, at 19 cents, because there has been less driving.

“I never anticipated it to begin with,” he said, especially as the state has not always delivered in the money it has said it would give in the past.

“There’s a few things I want to do next year, but I’ll have to wait to see the trends to see if it would allow for it.”

The committee approved the local public agency agreement for federal participation to use STR funds. The plan, he said, is to repave 700 East, about three and a half miles from 116 to the Clifton slab. The estimated cost comes to $1,450,000, with the county’s portion being $290,000, and he’ll use matching tax funds for it.

The committee also approved the local public agency agreement for federal participation in regards to the HSIP guardrail improvement project. The estimated cost for this is $1,550,000, with the county’s portion to be $550,000 to be paid out of the matching tax funds. After this project is done, he said the remainder of the county’s guardrails could be done next year — depending on finances.

Finally, at the meeting Moore presented the committee the agreements between Iroquois County and Benton County and Iroquois County and Newton County in the maintenance of the respective state line bridges. There are five with Newton County and seven with Benton County. Though there were agreements already in place, he said the states of Illinois and Indiana have been wanting a more uniform agreement across the states.