BUCKLEY — The Buckley Village Board voted unanimously Monday night to accept a $143,000 bid from Utility Service Co. for the restoration of the 50,000-gallon elevated tank on the village’s water tower.

The company, based in Perry, Ga., submitted the lowest of three bids received. Other bids were from Seven Brothers Painting Inc. of Michigan for $191,200 and Maguire Iron Inc. of South Dakota for $224,000.

Village Board President Sherrie Stachura signed a notice of intent to award the project to Utility Service Co. The “intent to award” forms will be forwarded by village engineer Larry Johnson to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) for its approval.

Upon issuance of a final notice of award, the contractor will be required to submit payment and performance bonds, certificates of insurance and executed contracts for village officials to review and sign. Notice to proceed forms will then be signed to authorize the contractor to start construction.

The village is using a $160,000, 20-year loan through the IEPA’s Public Water Supply Loan Program to fund the project, which is expected to begin July 31 and be completed by Nov. 30.

Johnson, of the Champaign-based Fehr Graham engineering firm, said the village will be required to pay back only 40 percent of the loan, though — totaling $72,000 — as the IEPA is forgiving 60 percent of the loan amount.

Previously, Johnson said the village may qualify for 75 percent principal forgiveness on the loan, which would require the repayment of only $40,000, but he said Monday that the principal forgiveness had been reduced to 60 percent following the July 1 start of the state’s fiscal year.

Johnson said Monday the village will pay a slightly higher interest rate than had been expected, too. Instead of a 1.38 percent interest rate, the village will pay 1.5 percent, Johnson said.

The village intends to refurbish the water tower’s tank through power-washing and recoating its interior and exterior; repairing its vents, ladders and overflow box; replacing its cathodic protection system; and making safety upgrades.

According to the IEPA, an inspection of the tank identified the presence of lead primer coating that is flaking off the tank and into the nearby village park. Recoating the tank is expected to eliminate the potential lead-related health hazards and protect the safety of the village’s drinking water.

Other business

Also at Monday’s meeting:

➜ Village Clerk Jim Biggs said he reviewed the village’s ordinances to determine if there were any rules prohibiting grass clippings from being mowed by residents onto the village’s streets. Biggs said there was no such ordinance that he could find. Biggs said he would draft an ordinance for the board to review at its next meeting. Officials said the presence of grass clippings on streets can not only present a hazard to motorcyclists but also can clog the village’s storm drains.

➜ The board voted unanimously to approve the village’s annual appropriation ordinance.

➜ Resident Kerrie Stachura, the caretaker of the Buckley Lake building, said she would finish out this year in that role but would resign from the position after that. She also asked about being paid extra for cleaning up the building after it was rented recently. When the building is rented, a deposit is normally required to cover any damages or failure to clean up; however, in this instance, the building was rented at no charge to a church group, which left it with unswept floors, its trash cans full of garbage and its tables littered with items. Trustees agreed to pay her for the cleaning and also indicated they will speak with the people who used it.

➜ The board discussed problems with youth baseball teams using the bathrooms at the Buckley Lake and leaving them messy, with toilet paper clogging toilets. Trustees suggested contacting the baseball league and asking league officials to check the bathrooms after games to make sure they are clean or instead obtain porta-potties for the rest of the season.

➜ The board said the newly installed carpet in the Village Hall looks good.

➜ The board agreed to solicit bids for an old roll-top desk in the Village Hall. An advertisement asking for bids will be published, and any bids received will be opened at the August meeting. For more information, people can contact the village clerk.

➜ The board voted to pay $600 to the Buckley Sportsman’s Club for refurbishing the windmill at the Buckley Lake.

➜ It was announced that Buckley’s Independence Day celebration will involve a parade at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, July 4, followed by a dedication of the refurbished windmill at the Buckley Lake. Drinks and cupcakes will be provided during the dedication ceremony.

➜ The board decided to issue stickers to people who obtain permits to operate golf carts on village streets.