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BUCKLEY — Buckley Village Board members voted Monday night to not try again to sell the village’s old street sweeper and to have it repaired instead.

The village had accepted sealed bids for the purchase of the equipment, but only two were received by September’s bid opening, both of which were rejected: a $25 bid from former village board president Evan Scott Shockley and a $4,000 bid from Kyle Lutz.

The board discussed Monday the possibility of continuing to try to sell the street sweeper but opted to repair it instead. The village may use a welder that it is expected to buy — at a cost not to exceed $2,000 — to make the necessary repairs.

The board also addressed a rumor that Shockley had allegedly opened the other bid and then increased his bid by $25. His wife, Trustee Peggy Shockley, said it needs to be known that this never happened. Trustees agreed that the bids were for $25 and for $4,000, not for $4,025 and for $4,000.

Other business

Also at Monday’s meeting:

➜ Halloween trick-or-treating hours were set for 4 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 31.

➜ Trustees voted unanimously to tentatively approve a $139,650 payment to the contractor that has refurbished the town’s water tower. They also voted unanimously to request loan reimbursement of $145,606 from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. The board also reviewed and approved a certificate of substantial completion related to the project. The certificate requires a one-year warranty check by the contractor.

➜ Trustees gave permission to village maintenance employee Donnie Miller to buy supplies to replace a section of sidewalk in front of Norm Creveling’s residence on U.S. 45. A section had been removed when the village was repairing a water-line problem.

➜ Les Dippel, a member of the Buckley Sportsman’s Club, said $6,621 was spent to refurbish the windmill at the Buckley Lake, with the village paying $1,405 and the sportsman’s club and community donations covering the rest. Dippel also told the board that the well at the Buckley Lake was not working. Plans were made to address the well’s condition next spring.

➜ Miller said he had cleaned out some catch basins within the village, two of which were found to be collapsing and in need repair. The board made plans to complete the repairs next spring.

➜ The village made plans to seek candidates for the Buckley Lake building caretaker’s position. The position involves booking rentals of the building and cleaning, among other tasks. The building will be winterized soon and is normally not rented out in the winter. Anyone interested in filling the position is asked to contact Village Board President Sheree Stachura.

➜ Miller said he has obtained paperwork regarding the repair of water lines totaling about $6,000. The paperwork has been sent to Frontier Communications’ insurance company, as the lines were believed damaged while the company was digging.

➜ The board learned that $302 was spent to repair the village’s police squad car.