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BUCKLEY — Buckley Village Board members learned Monday night that the town’s street sweeper had been fixed and is ready for use.

Village maintenance employee Donnie Miller reported the news.

Last month, the board rejected bids received for the purchase of the street sweeper. Instead of selling it, the board decided to allow Miller to buy a welder and repair the street sweeper using the welder.

Miller said he will be picking up leaves using the street sweeper. For leaves to be picked up, residents are required to leave the leaves in a line by the curb — not in the road. Not accepted for pickup are garden debris, mulched leaves, grass clippings or garbage.

Other business

Also at Monday’s board meeting:

➜ Miller said street light poles had been painted.

➜ The board authorized making a $125,685 payment to Utility Service Co., which did recently completed the refurbishing of the village’s water tower. The board decided to pay only 90 percent of the overall amount due of $139,650 because the company had yet to provide the village with some required paperwork to wrap up the project. The remaining balance will be paid once that paperwork is received.

➜ The board approved an Illinois Environmental Protection Agency loan reimbursement request for engineering services and legal fees in the amount of $722.

➜ The board learned that no one had applied yet for the Buckley Lake building caretaker’s position. The position involves booking rentals of the building and cleaning, among other tasks. Anyone interested in filling the position is asked to contact Village Board President Sheree Stachura.

➜ Stachura said the Buckley State Bank will be celebrating its 100th year in business next year and will hold a cookout on July 3, 2020. The bank is looking into donating trees for the village.

➜ The board agreed to let a couple of residents who had high water bills make payments as long as they are current by the next billing.