BUCKLEY — Buckley Village Board members are asking residents to keep their mowed grass clippings off the village’s streets, to refrain from dumping unwanted items on property owned by the railroad near the Loda Township building and to stop planting trees on village property without the board’s permission.

There will be consequences, including fines and potentially criminal charges, for those who choose to ignore the rules, the board warned during its meeting Monday night.

Residents mowing grass clippings from their properties onto village streets can clog up storm drains, the board noted.

As for illegal dumping on the railroad-owned property, the board warned that the railroad has asked to have any license plates of violators forwarded to the railroad so that violators can be arrested and prosecuted.

Meanwhile, the planting of trees on village property is only allowed with the board’s consent, the board added.

Other business

In other business Monday:

➜ The board agreed to waive, for this billing cycle only, the 10 percent fee that was to be applied to residents’ water bills for late payments. The reason was that this was the first billing cycle on the new system. A credit will be applied to the bills for those residents who paid the additional 10 percent fee. On the next billing cycle, the 10 percent late fee will apply on any bills paid the day after the due date.

➜ The board learned that, following complaints last month of excessively high water bills, ERH Enterprises Inc. — the Westville-based company that is contracted to maintain Buckley’s water system — inspected the water meter of one of the properties with an excessively high bill. The water meter was found to be accurate, however, meaning water was used somewhere.

➜ The board scheduled the village’s next Movie Night for the evening of Saturday, June 8, at the Buckley Lake behind Christ Lutheran High School on the village’s west side. Starting at 4:30 p.m., two food trucks — TJ Cheesesteaks and Tia’s Chicken — will be present selling food. The movie “Jurassic Park” begins at 8:30 p.m. In the event of rain, the movie will be shown indoors at the school. There is no charge to attend.

➜ Resident Mark Hruska suggested that instead of holding Movie Nights, the board should consider holding Music Under the Stars events similar to the ones that had been held in the pavilion at Pells Park in Paxton prior to them being discontinued this year. Such events would feature live music by local bands. Board members were receptive to the idea and agreed to explore options.

➜ The board learned that new carpet would be installed in the Village Hall on Monday, June 10. Board President Sheree Stachura asked for volunteers to help remove furnishings from the building prior to the carpet’s installation. A few people attending the meeting volunteered to help, but more help is needed.

➜ The board voted unanimously to spend up to $1,200 to have R&D Construction repair a sidewalk in front of the 103 East bar.

➜ The board voted unanimously to pay Street Superintendent Donnie Miller an extra day’s pay for working on Buckley Fun Day on Saturday, June 15, at the Buckley Lake.

➜ The board voted unanimously to approve the village’s annual appropriation ordinance, which sets spending limits for the village for the fiscal year.

➜ The board voted unanimously to approve the prevailing wage ordinance.

➜ The board voted unanimously to allow funds raised from the village’s monthly painting parties to be used as funding for the Buckley Community Group.

➜ Miller said the village’s tornado siren was working properly.

➜ The board learned that an Independence Day parade will be held Thursday, July 4, followed by a dedication ceremony for the refurbished windmill at the Buckley Lake. The Buckley Sportsman’s Club, with help from the village, refurbished the old windmill.

➜ The board voted unanimously to accept a $13,418 bid from Gray’s Materials for the oil-and-chipping of village streets. The cost of the work will be funded by motor-fuel tax revenue.

➜ Larry Johnson, an engineer with Champaign-based Fehr Graham, said four companies — all from out of state — had representatives attend a pre-bid conference on May 29 at the Village Hall for the village’s planned water-tower refurbishing project. Johnson said he had no idea how many of the four companies will submit bids for the project.

➜ The board agreed to pay Ameren Illinois a monthly fee for the continued operation of eight Ameren-owned street lights in Buckley. The fee is $67 per street light.

➜ Trustee Ardell “Goat” Goetting gave the board some insight as to how many packages from UPS and Amazon are delivered to the Buckley area. Goetting said he wants businesses to come to Buckley, and the village needs to start utilizing “what we have.”

➜ Village police officer Chris White said there have been mixed results among property owners who have been notified of ordinance violations and asked to clean up their properties. White said he will continue to monitor progress.