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BUCKLEY — The Buckley Village Board learned Monday night that the town has been awarded a $180,000 loan from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency for the restoration of the 50,000-gallon elevated tank on the village’s water tower.

The amount of the loan is $20,000 more than the $160,000 the village originally had planned to obtain, but the amount the village will be required to pay back remains unchanged at $72,000, as the loan comes with $108,000 debt forgiveness.

The village will pay 1.5 percent in interest over the loan’s 20-year term.

After voting unanimously to accept the loan, the board authorized Village Board President Shereee Stachura to sign the IEPA’s “notice of award” document, plus a “notice to proceed” document and an agreement with Georgia-based Utility Service Company Inc., the firm hired last month to complete the work.

Village engineer Larry Johnson, of the Champaign-based Fehr Graham engineering firm, said Utility Service Company Inc. has 60 days to complete the work. The company will need to drain the water tower, at which time a smaller receptacle will be brought on site to supply water to residents as the work is completed, Johnson said.

A notice about the project will be sent to residents, who will be asked to conserve their water usage as the project gets under way.

The water tower’s tank will be refurbished through power-washing and recoating its interior and exterior; repairing its vents, ladders and overflow box; replacing its cathodic protection system; and making safety upgrades.

According to the IEPA, an inspection of the tank identified the presence of lead primer coating that is flaking off the tank and into the nearby village park. Recoating the tank is expected to eliminate the potential lead-related health hazards and protect the safety of the village’s drinking water.

Other business

Also at Monday’s village board meeting:

➜ The board voted to accept a $25 bid from resident Scott Shockley for an old roll-top desk at the Village Hall. It was the only bid received.

➜ The board approved a new ordinance that allows the village to impose fines to residents for depositing grass clippings on village streets.

➜ The board voted to authorize Village Clerk Jim Biggs to order more license plates for golf carts that are issued permits by the village. The board noted that some golf carts being used on village streets still need to obtain the required permits from the village. The board also reminded residents that golf carts are not to be driven on sidewalks or on U.S. 45.

➜ Village Treasurer Julie Schuldt said she had filed the village’s annual financial report with the village clerk and the Iroquois County clerk and that she has submitted it for publication.

➜ The board voted to seek bids for the removal of seven trees and to open any bids received at the September meeting.

➜ The board voted unanimously to increase the base water rate from $50 to $52, starting with the November bills.

➜ The board agreed to look into addressing the cleanup of a neglected property.

➜ Stachura said she had met with a representative of the U.S. Census Bureau. She said a committee comprising board members and one resident will help with the 2020 census effort.

➜ The board authorized ERH Enterprises Inc., the Westville-based company contracted to maintain Buckley’s water system, to replace a couple of inside meters with outside pits.

➜ Board members agreed to seek bids for the village’s street sweeper. Any bids received will be opened at the September meeting.

➜ The public was reminded that the village will no longer pick up leaves on the sides of yards. In order for leaves to be picked up by the village, they must be bagged in proper leaf bags. Residents were also reminded that they are not allowed to burn leaves in town.

➜ The board authorized village maintenance worker Donnie Miller to spend up to $500 on scaffolding and other necessary equipment needed to paint light posts and for other jobs.