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In honor of their outstanding scholastic achievement, the following students have been named to the Parkland College Dean's List for spring 2020.

To make the list, students must earn a minimum grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 grade scale for the semester in which they are being honored.

Students who earn less than 12 hours in that semester can make the dean's list by achieving a 3.5 cumulative GPA for 12 or more hours in the academic year. Dean’s List eligible courses are 100-level courses or higher, i.e. ENG 101.

Area students who made the dean’s list are listed below:


Paulina Y Garcia

Travis W Kaeb


Brenna N Ferguson

Anna Elizabeth Hylbert

Morgan N Kaeb

Trevor J Kaeb

Michael J McCray

Tanner R Young


Darrin D Brown

Hailey L Rutledge


Clayton A Bane

Treyviere C Cail

Haley M Christensen

Sydney R Funk

Andrea G Glascock

Allison C Heavilin

Christopher A Hood

Kathleen R Hood

Molly R Kollross

Grace E Lattz

Jacob M Nuss

Joshua G Nuss

Dayna M Roesch

Alice K Schoonover

Ryleigh S Shoemaker

Nicholas D Tabor

Lyndzie L Vogelzang

Melissa M Walker Salyards

Brooke E Wilfong


Colin C Fester

Katy E Geurts

Gurpreet Ghotra

Asti C Hastings

Faith S Johnson

Joey Lynn Kimbro

Gracie Elizabeth Martin

Jenna R San Diego

Kayla Sue Suhl

Anthony L White

Cheyenne N Wise


Ross E Dueringer

Paige N Shelton

Aaron W Stoll


Taylor D Britz

Breanna K Brokate

Kathlene R Clark

Sydney N Eichelberger

Daryl W Hallman

Kalista L Klann

Bethany M Knight

Keegan T Lantz

Kassidy B Marshall

Benjamin E McClure

Stephanie N Meuser-Bloom

Jadrien E Miles

Antonio Najera

Tyler D Pichon

Thomas Richard Quinn

Cody M Rose

Parker G Shoemaker

Lindsey G Windler


Randal S Ifft


Brian L Fehr

Michelle L Fehr

Hannah J Hein


Halen R Eshleman


Ashlyn M McPherson

Crystal L Miller

Katie R Quinley