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Jerry Grodesky, Farm and Lake Houses Real Estate Inc. managing broker in Loda, was recently recognized with industry awards.

The Best Agent Awards judging panel of industry specialists honored Grodesky with the 2020 Best Agent Award based on his outstanding communication, area knowledge, and client satisfaction over the last year.

Competition for the award was high due to the number of real estate agents in the area. Partnering with only the best real estate agents, the Best Agent Awards works with one winner in each major city throughout the country.

“The Best Agent Awards wishes the best for Farm and Lake Houses Real Estate Inc. in the 2020-2021 season and sincere congratulations on the winning of this prestigious award.”

Grodesky also won the 2019 Google Homesnap Excellence in Client Service Award out of a field of 12,000 agents.

Farm and Lake Houses Real Estate Inc. won the 2019 Homelight Top Agent Award, which recognizes their online presence and advertising savvy.

Grodesky said he was surprised by the awards this year.

“They surprised me,” he said. “When you get third party awards like this, it’s really kind of special.”

Grodesky said third party awards feel a little more objective than some of the awards that might come through franchises.

He said being chosen from a field of more than 2,000 agents to win the Google Homesnap Excellence in Client Service Award was a real honor.

“That’s pretty amazing,” he said. “Homelight and Google are these gigantic companies, so to be singled out by them was fantastic.”

Grodesky said it was his first time winning any of these awards.

Asked why he felt he received these awards, Grodesky pointed to the feedback he receives from his customers.

“They just say that I have more knowledge and experience, I communicate better with them and I just know my way around the real estate world and contracts compared to other agents that they’ve used,” he said. “I find that very special because people don’t have to say that.”

Grodesky has been in the real estate industry for 30 years and said he has often had customers take him out to dinner as thanks for his work with them because they’re so excited by the experience.

“That really stands out in my mind when customers go out of their way to say ‘you’re something different, you’re something special,’” he said.

Grodesky specializes in selling properties near lakes and he takes every customer whose interested in a lake property out onto a dock to see the lake up close.

Grodesky said customers appreciate this experience and often remark that he’s the only real estate agent they’ve had who has done that.

Grodesky’s photography skills have also earned him recognition from customers.

He said he generally gets a few calls each year from customers on who have seen his photos of the properties he’s handling and wanted to compliment him on photo skills.

Grodesky has a degree in photography and he purposefully tries to take quality photos of his properties in order to provide customers with a better look at what’s available.

One specific element of his photography that Grodesky discussed was include additional elements to give customers a better idea of what the property had to offer.

For properties that can be used for stabling horses, Grodesky said he will try and include a horse in the photos and for lake properties he will ensure that the photos have the lake in them.

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