PAXTON — Among trials expected to be conducted this week in Ford County Circuit Court is a bench trial in a Class 4 felony disorderly conduct case against Bradley J. Cluver, 61, of Gibson City, a former state trooper.

Cluver’s trial is expected to begin Tuesday in Judge Matt Fitton’s courtroom.

“It was supposed to be a jury trial, but (Cluver) waived his right to jury and is electing to be tried by the judge (instead),” State’s Attorney Andrew Killian said in an email Monday.

Killian said that following Cluver’s trial will be a jury trial on Wednesday in a felony aggravated domestic battery case against James B. Zbinden, 50, of Gibson City.

“Several other cases are up next Monday for trial,” as well, Killian said.

Among them could be a jury trial on Tuesday in a felony case against Stuart C. Baier, 61, of rural Paxton, who is charged with two Class 2 felony counts of aggravated battery to a peace officer and one Class A misdemeanor count of resisting a peace officer.

“It was anticipated that the trial against Stuart Baier would start (Monday), but his attorney announced in court (Monday) morning that Mr. Baier was having a personal emergency, so his case was moved to the 16th,” Killian said.