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PAXTON — Nearly $3,000 is sitting in a Ford County bank account, awaiting information that will lead to the location of Jamie Harper, who has been missing for 14 years.

More reward money would be forthcoming from Champaign County Crime Stoppers.

It’s enough money that if someone knew where Ms. Harper was, he or she would likely come forward, Ford County Crime Stoppers board President Dennis Higgins said.

The 20-year-old Harper was last seen leaving a party in Rantoul during the early morning of March 10, 2007.

Earlier in the evening, she had left her mother’s Paxton residence with a male acquaintance. He is not a suspect in her disappearance.

The reward money had been sitting in a Ford County Crime Stoppers account at Frederick Community Bank, Higgins said.

The bank indicated the money had to be moved or Crime Stoppers would be charged a fee.

Several agencies have participated in searches for the missing Harper.

Rantoul Deputy Police Chief Rodney Sullivan said that department receives tips on Ms. Harper’s disappearance from time to time — the last one occurring three months ago. But nothing came of it.

“A lot of what we get now is people have heard something from someone else,” Sullivan said. “When we investigate it, it’s information we’ve already had. We still look at every tip or lead that we can.”

Searches have taken place in several locations, including the area southeast of Paxton known as Dogtown.

Higgins said an old gas station south of Rankin was the latest place that was searched.

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