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To the Editor:

I was disgusted by Mr. Sauer’s letter. How vain is mankind to think they have enough impact on the environment to change the climate.

A temporary change was accomplished the year the oil fields were set on fire in the Middle East, as did the arsonists that caused the California wildfires.

We’ve already had climate change; where we are used to be covered in glaciers. They left evidence in the form of rocks and boulders of mostly granite instead of the limestone underneath us.

As for the carbon fee, all that will accomplish is higher prices. Manufacturers never eat the costs, they pass it on. Many will leave for friendlier states and countries, taking their money and jobs with them.

Just because these professors have some letters after their names doesn’t mean they’ve any common sense.

Remember the old saying: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

Georgeanne Wise

Brook, Ind.

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