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WATSEKA, ILLINOIS — Iroquois Memorial Hospital has announced it has received two 2020-221 ICAHN Flex Grant’s in the area of EMS Education. These grant’s have been awarded in the amount of $3,000 each, according to information from the hospital.

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Education Award is available to all Illinois critical access hospitals and resource hospitals. The intent of this award is to provide funding for hospital EMS to conduct local EMS education programs and assist local units with updates on billing practices or leadership development, including EMS Needs Assessment.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are vital to rural health care and effectively provide life-saving care throughout the East-Central Illinois area. This is especially important due to the large rural area serviced by IMH (296 square miles) and the distance patients must travel to receive emergency care. IMH provides continuing education and training to local Fire Departments on CPR/AED. In order to stay current with EMS care and education and to abide by the American Heart Association’s (AHA) requirements, it is necessary to purchase Instructor and Provider Updates. These updates include a Simulaids Patient Care manikin, and an AED Practi Trainer, as well as updated Educational Materials: BLS, ACLS, PALS Instructor and Provider Manuals and DVD sets, all of which IMH was able to purchase with the 2 ICAHN grants.

These additional materials enable the AHA Instructors at IMH to offer regular education and training to EMS, as well as provide ongoing staff training through the IMH Education Department, training to other health care organizations and to community based classes. To date IMH has trained 413 participants. Our goal for next year is to increase CPR/AED training by reaching an additional 10% participants. Efforts to support the ability and willingness of the members of the general public and EMS providers to perform effective CPR and use an AED improve resuscitation outcomes in communities.

IMH’s Employee Health and Education Coordinator, AHA Instructor, and Paramedic, Georgia Woodby, states, “I feel the more people we can get trained in CPR and AED use the better chance a bystander or loved one will have of surviving sudden cardiac arrest. It’s actually that person’s last chance of survival. My goal in each class is to make sure the students have the confidence and skills to react, perform CPR, and use the AED during these very stressful, emotional, and adrenaline filled situations. I teach a reality based class that helps prepare students for all kinds of situations, as they are all very different. Teaching the community, businesses, factories, Daycare Providers, Fire Departments, Police Departments, Healthcare Providers, and just anyone who is willing to learn CPR is my goal. The more people we have educated/trained in CPR and AED use the better chance anyone around them who suffers from Sudden Cardiac Arrest has of surviving it. The equipment I use to teach classes is the most up-to-date manikins and materials available through the American Heart Association, which would not be possible without the ICAHN grants we receive.”

IMH offers CPR training at a minimum of two courses per month to communities in our Service area. We provide classes to local businesses, nursing homes, day care providers, 4-H groups, high schools, churches, and hold community classes throughout the county for anyone who is interested in learning CPR life-saving skills. Each certification has to be renewed every two years. To date for 2020-2021, IMH has completed 54 CPR community classes, 36 CPR healthcare classes, and 10 PALS/ACLS classes with 20 more CPR classes and 2 PALS/ACLS classes scheduled prior to the end of 2021. For more information on upcoming CPR/AED classes or if you want to schedule a class, please contact Georgia Woodby at 815.432.7729.

About Iroquois Memorial Hospital

Serving more than 50,000 people annually in east-central Illinois and west-central Indiana, Iroquois Memorial Hospital (IMH) is a 25-bed hospital located in Watseka, Illinois.

The hospital facility is comprised of clinical and diagnostic services dedicated to providing high quality health care services to the community. These services include, but are not limited to, an Emergency Room, Prompt Care, full service OR suites, an inpatient care unit, therapy services, advanced medical imaging, Home Health, and Hospice Care.

The hospital operates rural health clinics in Watseka, IL; Gilman, IL; Milford, IL and Kentland, IN. The hospital also operates a skilled nursing facility, Iroquois Resident Home, which is attached to the hospital property. Visit or find them on social media.

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