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IB Crow makes his first appearance to much fanfare during last year’s VIP opening at Indiana Beach.

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MONTICELLO — Indiana Beach plans to open May 22 for the 2021 season, a park official said Tuesday.

Tom Crisci, the Indiana Beach’s chief operating officer, made the announcement at noon Jan. 19 during a Facebook Live broadcast.

Indiana Beach also plans to have its two newly acquired rides in operation in time for its season-opening date.

One of the rides, formerly known as The Polyps, will now be known by a former name, Sea Warrior. It was purchased last year by Indiana Beach owner Gene Staples. The ride originated at Kiddieland in Melrose Park, Ill., the home amusement park for Staples and Crisci.

To make room for Sea Warrior, Indiana Beach removed its Zero G ride.

“The concrete is poured and the Sea Warrior should be ready for people to enjoy by opening day,” Crisci said. “It’s a nostalgic ride for Gene and I. Many of you who were on the last ride at Kiddieland will be excited when that one comes back and is fully operational.”

The other ride, formerly known as The Chimera, is arriving in pieces, Crisci said, from its former home in Mexico City. The ride, known in Mexico as La Quimera, operated at La Feria Chapultepec Magico (Magic Chapultepec Fair). It’s a triple-loop steel sit-down coaster.

Crisci said the coaster, which is yet to be named, will be constructed in the parking lot next to the Steel Hawg.

“This is a massive coaster,” Crisci said. “There is a lot of work to do to get this coaster ready to be rebuilt for the 2021 season.”

The addition of the coaster formerly known as The Chimera will be the second by famed designer Anton Schwarzkopf, a German engineer and pioneer in steel looping coasters. The other is “Tig’rr.”

“We will be a park that has two Schwartzkopf coasters,” Crisci said, “which is relatively unheard of in the amusement park industry.”

In addition to announcing the sale of season passes, Crisci said Indiana Beach will stick to its six-concert schedule for the 2021 Ballroom Concert series.

As of Jan. 19, three of the six slots have been booked. They include Hoodoo Crossing, with opening act Fully Flared, on June 26; That Arena Rock Show on July 24; and Strutter on Oct. 30.

Crisci also said commemorative bricks for its “Road to 100 Years” project will be arriving in late January or early February. It is part of a fundraising effort to aid in infrastructure and campground improvements.

“The brick campaign has been very successful for the park and we appreciate everyone who participated,” Crisci said. “The bricks are in production. There are about 3,000 from all across the country.”

Indiana Beach will celebrate its 95th year of operation in 2021.

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