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The village board of Crescent City conducted a meeting Sept. 13 at city hall. Mayor Mark Rabe called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. Clerk Cathy Christensen took roll call with the following present: Steve Carley, Dennis Ritzma, Kim Rabe and Jim Sorensen. Also present was treasurer Carolyn Rapp, maintenance engineer Al Johnson and Pat Peterson, president of the Crescent City Historical Society.

No representative from ERH was present and no report had been received on the past month's activities.

Johnson reported he has not yet received any of the old water meters from ERH. In following discussion on a generator for the shop, it was motioned for a portable generator to be purchased, and the motion passed. The Christmas decorations have been ordered but not yet received. He asked when flags and banners should be taken down. It was decided he can take the flags down at any time, and the banners can be taken down when the holiday decorations are put up.

Crescent City Historical Society president Pat Peterson was present. She thanked for the board for allowing the group to hang enlarged canvas photos at the community center. She said the group has received praise and positive feedback, along with some suggestions, such as posting an explanation of each photo next to it. She said the CCHS was recently gifted two glass display cases and the group was seeking permission to put these at the community center. The display cases will contain memorabilia, possibly pertaining to Crescent-Iroquois High School. The board approved the group to set up the cases at the community center.

Minutes of the Aug. 2 meeting were approved, as were the amended minutes of the April 5 meeting.

The village treasury report and the community center treasury report were both accepted as presented.

In new business, Mayor Rabe noted the silver shed has been rented and the new tenant is fixing it up. Road construction is completed and The Depot's beer garden is finished.

Bills were presented for payment and approved.

Adjournment came at 8:51 p.m., with the next meeting set for Monday, Oct. 4. The meeting will be at 7 p.m. in city hall.

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