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As of 04/16/2020 Iroquois County has 12 individuals with laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19. Here is the information that we can release about our recent cases:

 Case 1: Male in his 50s

 Case 2: Male in his 40s

 Case 3: Male in his 20s

 Case 4: Male in his 30s

 Case 5: Female in her 60s

 Case 6: Male in his 70s

 Case 7: Male in his 40s

 Case 8: Female in her 40s 

Case 9: Female in her 40s 

Case 10: Male in his 60s

 Case 11: Female in her 30s

 Case 12: Female in her 20s

Five of the confirmed cases have recovered. These five individuals have been released from isolation.

Our Communicable Disease nurses are working tirelessly to complete investigations, conduct contact tracing and notify anyone determined to be at increased risk of exposure. The situation is fluid. Guidance and recommendations regarding patients under investigation may evolve as more is learned.

Please continue to comply with the Gubernatorial Executive Order to Shelter at Home, as well as practice social distancing and other safety measures to limit COVID-19 exposure. Everyone should consider themselves at risk for exposure to the novel coronavirus. While at home everyone should self-monitor which means to check yourself for fever and remain alert for cough, shortness of breath or sore throat.

This is a rapidly evolving situation and the Iroquois County Public Health Department will provide updated information and guidance as it becomes available on our Iroquois County Public Health Department Facebook page and website at