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After careful consideration of all that has transpired over the period of March 23, 2020 till today, it has been decided to continue the closure of the Ford County Courthouse and Jail. Ford County citizens are still being infected and surrounding counties are still seeing increases in cases of the virus, it is prudent to continue our efforts to protect the Ford County Employees, their families and public, according to information from Ford County Sheriff Mark R. Doran.

The Ford County Jail and Courthouse will continue to be closed to the public. Courthouse security will allow essential Ford County Employees into the courthouse. Litigants and attorneys who have court ordered by the Judge will also be allowed. No family members will be allowed in for court proceedings. Department heads for each office can set up appointments as needed, but are encouraged to handle most business by telephone, computer, or mail.

The Ford County Sheriff’s Office and Jail will be locked at the front door. Control room staff will let essential personnel into the lobby for essential business purposes. Any personnel entering the actual jail facility will have their temperature taken and logged by corrections personnel. Those who refuse to comply too the entry procedures will not be allowed into the secured facility. Jail visitation and Church services will continue to be suspended until further notice.

Please continue to be vigilant about hand washing, distancing, cleaning and disinfecting work areas and covering your coughs and sneezes. Do not take un-necessary risks with your health.